WoW: The War Within beta may hint that Shaman Tanks are on the way

The anticipated release date for World of Warcraft: The War Within is in August, and players have been diligently exploring its features in the beta. A specific moment has caught the attention of the gaming community, possibly indicating a thrilling future for Shaman players.

A player shared a significant finding on Reddit regarding their experience running a Follower Dungeon. Upon entering the instance, they discovered that the group’s NPC Tank was a Shaman, despite the class not being officially designated for that role.

Shaman Tank Confirmed in a Future TWW Patch? byu/Standard_Work6274 inwow

During a specific questline, the mentioned NPC had a part in both the questline and the dungeon. Although this could be a deliberate decision by the designers or just a temporary placeholder, some speculated that it could potentially indicate a new direction for the class.

A lot of speculation has emerged due to the presence of Shaman Tanks in Season of Discovery, which is clearly a mode that operates on the Classic version of WoW. This has sparked discussions about the potential for other experimental specs to be introduced in Retail WoW.

“I can see Shaman tank and Warlock tank becoming popular for Last Titan. However, the role of Mage healer may be uncertain since Evoker has already established themselves as the “time healer”(although Demon Hunter is also an option).”

Some argued for the implementation of new specifications for different classes. One individual suggested improving Warlock healing by incorporating various leech and self-healing buffs to their DPS abilities. They also proposed the idea of balancing damage distribution within the group and introducing dual-channel siphon life mechanics, which could add an intriguing element to the gameplay.

Despite the possibility of new specifications, Shaman players are dissatisfied with the upcoming modifications for the class. A large portion of them believe that other classes are receiving major transformations, while Shaman remains stagnant and barely distinguishable from its previous state in Dragonflight.

Blizzard has indeed confirmed that a new set of changes is currently in the works. It remains to be seen if these changes will be sufficient to appease the player community.

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