aespa’s Latest Single ‘Supernova’ Breaks Records and Surpasses Expectations – Is It Their Best Release Yet?

Fans of aespa are ecstatic about their latest achievement!

On May 25, Instiz’s iChart announced that aespa’s “Supernova,”the pre-release track from their upcoming album “Armageddon,”had earned a PAK (Perfect All-Kill) status.

Based on iChart’s data, “Supernova”achieved the top spot in various real-time, weekly, and daily charts, as well as making it to the TOP100 in MelOn, Genie (daily and real-time TOP 100), YouTube (Top songs), FLO (24Hours), VIBE (Today Top 100), and Bugs (Songs Chart, daily and real-time).

In addition, “Supernova”marked aespa’s second song to achieve a perfect all-kill on music charts, following their previous title track “Savage”in 2021.

On May 24, MYs expressed their disappointment on social media regarding aespa’s initial difficulties in achieving a PAK on the charts. Despite dominating the music charts in South Korea since its release on May 13, “Supernova”was unable to achieve a Perfect All-Kill, leaving fans questioning the reason behind it.

The concerns eventually reached the platform iChart, which posted an apology and an explanation about aespa’s issue. The chart revealed that the obstacle was caused by “Supernova”reaching No. 3 on the VIBE platform.

“iChart tweeted their apologies for not being able to achieve a perfect all-kill for aespa’s ‘Supernova’.”

The chart then clarified, “We are unable to interfere with Vibe’s placement.”This disappointed fans, as some expressed discontent about the possibility of achieving a PAK and advised iChart to exclude VIBE.

Many people were happy and proud of aespa’s success on the charts.

Despite this, fans took to social media to celebrate aespa’s recent “Perfect All-Kill”with their song “Supernova.”Check out some of their reactions below:

Kudos to aespa for achieving this incredible accomplishment!

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