Aespa’s Winter Suffers from Illness Due to Fire on Set of ‘M Countdown’

The music industry has reported that a fire occurred on the morning of May 16th in a filming studio located at the CJ ENM Center in Sangam, Mapo-gu, Seoul. It is believed that the accident was caused by an issue on the set during filming.

Preparations were in progress for aespa’s performance of their new song “Supernova”on Mnet’s “M Countdown”during the studio’s pre-recording.

aespa winter

The occurrence impacted those who were in attendance, including Winter, who had just had pneumothorax surgery and stated that she felt ill.

In response to this, SM Entertainment informed OSEN on May 16th that there were complications with the stage design during the pre-recording of ‘M Countdown’ earlier today. As a result, Winter required time to recuperate and regain her stability due to her current condition. As a result, only Karina, Giselle, and Ningning will be present for the live broadcast of ‘M Countdown’ today. Winter’s involvement in upcoming events will be determined based on her recovery progress.

In the meantime, on May 13th, aespa dropped their double title track “Supernova”and is set to reveal their debut full-length album “Armageddon”on May 27th.

The source for this information can be found on Daum’s website at daum.

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