Ador Calls Out HYBE for Disliking Min Hee-jin

Led by Min Hee-jin, ADOR countered HYBE’s assertion that analyst A had organized a meeting between ADOR’s executives and investors from abroad.

On May 16th, ADOR issued a lengthy statement stating their stance. They firmly stated that HYBE must cease casting doubts on those around CEO Min Hee-jin and fabricating stories based on their own imagination.

Min Hee Jin

ADOR reiterated, “We wish to address HYBE’s assertion that ‘analyst A set up a meeting between our executives and foreign investors’ by stating that no recommendations or viewpoints were given regarding the acquisition of management rights, such as increasing capital or making sales. As HYBE holds an 80% stake in ADOR, it is evident that there were no other investment options for our company. Thus, any discussion of this matter was not possible for ADOR.”

min hee jin document

Furthermore, ADOR revealed the message conversation between CEO Min Hee-jin and analyst A, which further supported the fact that the female CEO consulted A about the shareholder agreement on the suggestion of HYBE’s CEO Park Ji-won.

Finally, ADOR expressed doubt regarding HYBE’s motive for their repeated assaults, stating “To be frank, simply admit that you hold a disdain for Min Hee-jin.”

Upon observation of the current situation, it is evident that HYBE’s main objective is to terminate CEO Min Hee-jin, tarnish her reputation, and isolate her from society. Initially, they launched an attack on CEO Min and now they are extending their hostility to those associated with her.

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