AfreecaTV Female BJ Admitted To Having Affair With Married Man, “I Dated Him & Cheated On Him)

An article titled “I lost my husband to an AfreecaTV female BJ”drew significant attention in the online community FMKorea on June 11th.

The woman, known as A, expressed her anger as she revealed, “In my early 30s, I went through a divorce as my husband had an affair with a woman who works as an AfreecaTV BJ.”A continued, “To add insult to injury, she then went on a live broadcast and exclaimed, ‘I didn’t harm anyone, so why am I being treated like a criminal?’”

A continued, stating, “She unabashedly asked, ‘If I pay a fine, will it all be over?’, ‘Why can’t a man who is married have an affair with someone he likes?’, and this caused further harm to me.”A also added, “Meeting attractive women like her requires a significant amount of money. If you want to see her, you’ll have to sponsor star balloons.”

Yoo Ji-in

A expressed her disappointment as she had reached out to the female BJ but did not receive a sincere apology and was subsequently blocked. Despite having to carry the label of a “divorced woman”for the rest of her life, A is now seeking assistance, citing the negative impact of the female BJ’s actions on her mental well-being.

Despite A’s omission of the female BJ’s name, netizens were able to quickly uncover her identity as Yoo Ji-in.

As the controversy erupted, Yoo Ji-in promptly shared her stance by posting a notice on her AfreecaTV channel’s bulletin board, titled “I have something to share with you all.”

Yoo Ji-in admitted, “In March, I encountered a married man for the first time. Despite being aware of his existing family, we have consistently communicated with each other,”and went on to say, “Over time, my feelings for him grew and we began a romantic relationship.”

Despite dating for only a month, our relationship quickly deteriorated as we became aware of each other’s flaws. It was during a meal date that I met a fellow passionate fan and ended up having an affair with him. However, my husband found out about the infidelity after browsing through my phone and demanded that I end things with the other man.

Yoo Ji-in stated that the married man had continuously made threats and coerced her into staying in a relationship with him, using the words, “I will expose everything and reveal it all on a live broadcast.”

Yoo Ji-in

Yoo Ji-in revealed, “The married man requested 150 million won from me. The recent threats caused me immense stress and I even contemplated death. I felt responsible and was unable to confide in anyone as my mental state had completely deteriorated.”

“She stated, “I am writing this with the thought that I may pass away and lose everything. I would like to express my regrets to my audience, who must have been greatly disappointed by my actions. I am willing to accept any criticism.”

Despite suffering damage while dating a married man, Yoo Ji-in chose to only complain about her own situation and did not bring up A, who divorced her husband due to Yoo Ji-in’s affair. This led to a strong response from AfreecaTV viewers, who expressed their disapproval with comments such as “Never come back.”

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