“Sweet Home 3” to be released on July 19th “What kind of ending will unfold?”

On July 12th, Netflix released an official press release stating that “Sweet Home”Season 3 (directed by Lee Eung-bok) will be available on July 19th, along with the unveiling of the launch poster.

“Season 3 of “Sweet Home”portrays the intense and urgent struggle faced by those at a critical juncture in a world that has come to the brink of monstrous transformations, ushering in a new era of humanity that blurs the boundaries between creatures and humans.”

Sweet Home

The promotional poster for the upcoming season features Hyun-su (played by Song Kang) walking through a destroyed city, surrounded by lingering monstrous transformations. The striking image of Hyun-su, sporting monstrous wings, sparks intrigue about his possible journey to reclaim his humanity after being consumed by a monster in Season 2’s finale.

Moreover, the various cocoons suspended from the ceiling, radiating a soft glow, allude to the emergence of a fresh chapter for mankind. The phrase “The end of all evolution”only adds to the intrigue surrounding the upcoming storyline in Season 3.

In addition, the third season of the “Sweet Home”series, which will conclude the show, will be exclusively released on Netflix on Friday, July 19th.

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