Airport Paralyzed by Kim Ji-won’s Appearance Today

On May 12th, Kim Ji-won left for Singapore from Incheon International Airport to participate in a luxury brand event.

Kim Ji-won kept her airport look simple, donning all-white attire with a striped shirt and a brown shoulder bag. Her white pedicure and sandals were complemented by elegant accessories such as earrings, rings, and bracelets, adding a touch of glamour to her overall appearance.

With her flawless appearance and gracefully cascading long black hair, Kim Ji-won emitted an elegant presence that captivated onlookers.

kim ji won

Despite being surrounded by fans and reporters, Kim Ji-won made sure to give heart gestures. She created heart shapes with her hands and cheeks, providing a sweet fan service. Upon arriving at the airport, Kim Ji-won also graciously accepted each letter handed to her by fans.

Kim Ji-won is highly regarded by her fellow actors for her admirable personality. In an interview following the conclusion of the drama “Queen of Tears,”Kim Kap-soo, who portrayed Hong Man-dae, praised Kim Ji-won, stating, “There are not many actresses her age, and among them, she truly shines. I believe she will have a long and successful career due to her excellent character.”

Actress Na Young-hee, who portrayed the mother in the drama, recently expressed her admiration for Kim Ji-won’s acting skills, stating, “She is an incredible actress. I was truly impressed by the nuances in her facial expressions. I was pleasantly surprised by Kim Ji-won’s natural personality.”

kim ji won

Despite her youth, Na Young-hee praised the actress for her thoughtfulness towards all staff members and her natural beauty. She spoke highly of her until she couldn’t speak any longer. Upon closer observation, it was evident that she was not only a talented actress, but also possessed a lovable personality that would make her a beloved actress in any setting.

Kim Ji-won’s portrayal of Hong Hae-in in “Queen of Tears”has garnered widespread acclaim, leading to a surge in her popularity. The drama achieved remarkable ratings, with an average nationwide rating of 24.9% and a peak of 27.3%. This surpassed the previous record set by writer Park Ji-eun’s hit drama “Crash Landing on You”on tvN.

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