Akutami makes a point with Mei Mei’s character (& Jujutsu Kaisen fans always miss it)

In Jujutsu Kaisen, the line between good and evil is often blurred. Many characters who appear to assist others also possess their own faults. The Zen’in clan serves as a prime example of this, as they have committed numerous heinous deeds throughout the series. Another controversial character, Mei Mei, also adds to the complexity of the story.

Despite initially being shrouded in mystery and admired for her unique character design and motivation for money, Mei Mei’s true nature was gradually exposed in Jujutsu Kaisen. The revelation of her abandonment of fellow sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident arc and her mistreatment of her younger brother, Ui Ui, has caused a shift in fans’ opinions. It is important to recognize that Mei Mei’s despicable actions are purposefully portrayed to fully develop her character.

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Analyzing Mei Mei’s Personality and Actions in Jujutsu Kaisen

Despite committing numerous selfish acts throughout the story, Mei Mei has managed to survive, much to the dismay of many fans of the series. This is especially disheartening considering the deaths of sorcerers like Nanami Kento and Satoru Gojo who bravely sacrificed their lives in the line of duty.

Despite Nanami briefly leaving Jujutsu sorcery and Gojo’s tendency to prioritize himself, both ultimately sacrificed their lives in order to defend the world from dangers such as Curses and the powerful Ryomen Sukuna.

Despite the difficulties she faced, Mei Mei chose to flee Shibuya and was witnessed mistreating her younger brother, Ui Ui, which caused her to be despised by many in the series. However, this is precisely the role Mei Mei plays in the story – she is a villain, similar to the majority of characters in the Jujutsu world.

The character serves as a symbol of the corrupt sorcerer society portrayed in the series, highlighting the need for change. This is precisely why Gojo believes in reforming through education and why Nanami chose to leave in the first place.

Despite her initial involvement in the team fighting Ryomen Sukuna, Mei Mei’s character has received fair criticism for not being developed further by the author, Gege Akutami, since the Shibuya Incident arc. In contrast, her brother Ui Ui has played a more significant role in attempting to rescue injured sorcerers and bringing them to Shoko Ieiri for treatment.

The Controversies Surrounding Mei Mei

Mei Mei and Ui Ui in the second season of the anime (Image via MAPPA).
Mei Mei and Ui Ui in the second season of the anime (Image via MAPPA).

The controversial scene of Mei Mei and Ui Ui in bed has caused much discussion among viewers of Jujutsu Kaisen, as it depicts instances of incest and child abuse. Many have questioned the purpose of this scene, particularly as it does not seem to have any significant impact on the series thus far.

Although this scene portrays Mei Mei in a negative light, some may argue that her decision to flee Shibuya was already indicative of her character. However, this particular scene caused even more shock and solidified the public’s perception of Mei Mei, making it impossible for her to redeem herself.


Mei Mei’s character in Jujutsu Kaisen is intended to embody the negative qualities of sorcerers, a fact that many fans may have overlooked. She is portrayed as a morally flawed individual, and it could be argued that the story did not fully explore her character.

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