All Honkai Star Rail Character Ages & Heights

Below is a comprehensive list of Honkai Star Rail characters, including their age and height. This list also includes the tallest, shortest, youngest, and oldest characters.

Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact players invest a significant amount of money on banners because each new character added to the roster is one of a kind. The characters in Honkai Star Rail are incredibly diverse, not only in terms of their Path and Element, but also in terms of their height and age.

The roster consists of children such as Hook and Clara, as well as more experienced individuals like Luocha and Blade, who have been alive for over 500 years. As such, here is a comprehensive list of all Honkai Star Rail characters, including their age and height.

World in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail releases new characters frequently.

Within the table below, you will discover a comprehensive list of all Honkai Star Rail characters, including their corresponding height and age.

Honkai Star Rail character Age Height Path Element
Acheron 23-25 5’5″ Nihility Lightning
Silver 30-35 6’3″ Erudition Physical
Arlan 19-21 5’1″ Destruction Lightning
To stay 20-23 5’5″ Harmony Fire
Aventurine 25-27 5’6″ Preservation Imaginary
Bailu 18-21 4’6″ Abundance Lightning
Black Swan 5’5″ Nihility Wind
Blade Over 700 6’1″ Destruction Wind
Boothill Hunt Physical
Bronya 23-25 5’4″ Harmony Wind
Clara 10-12 4’5″ Destruction Physical
And Heng 23-25 5’8″ Hunt Wind
Dr. Ratio 32-25 6’1″ Hunt Imaginary
Fu Xuan 19-22 4’5″ Preservation Quantum
Gallagher 5’11” Abundance Fire
Cheetah 30-35 6’1″ Preservation Ice
Guinaifen 16-25 5’1″ Nihility Fire
Only 1000+ 5’6″ Harmony Physical
Hertha 4’7″ Erudition Ice
Himeko 32-35 5’7″ Erudition Fire
Hook 10-12 3’9″ Destruction Fire
Huohuo 45-50 4’6″ Abundance Wind
Jingliu 1800+ 5’2″ Destruction Ice
Jing Yuan 700+ 6’1″ Erudition Lightning
Kafka 27-30 5’5″ Nihility Lightning
Wound 25-27 5’6″ Nihility Physical
Luocha 25-27 6’3″ Abundance Imaginary
Lynx 20-22 4’6″ Abundance Quantum
March 7th 5’4″ Preservation Ice
Misha 10-12 4’10” Destruction Ice
Natasha 36-39 5’5″ Abundance Physical
For the 16 4’6″ Nihility Ice
Qingque 400+ 4’8″ Erudtion Quantum
Robin 20-22 5’1″ Harmony Physical
Ruan Mei 35-40 5’3″ Harmony Ice
Sampo 25-27 6’0″ Nihility Wind
Soul 23-25 5’4″ The Hunt Quantum
On the edge 35-40 5’5″ Erudition Lightning
Silver Wolf 17-19 5’2″ Nihility Quantum
Sparkle 18-20 4’6″ Harmony Quantum
Sushang 15-18 5’3″ The Hunt Physical
Tingyun 96 5’4″ Harmony Lightning
Topaz 23-25 5’4″ The Hunt Fire
Trailblazer 22-23 5’9″ Adaptive Adaptive
World 80+ 6’0″ Nihility Imaginary
Xueyi 1000+ 5’3″ Destruction Quantum
Yanqing 8-14 4’10″ The Hunt Ice
Yukong 246 5’8″ The Harmony Imaginary

These height and age estimates are primarily derived from the game’s lore, descriptions of other characters, and character descriptions, as HSR does not explicitly state or display this information.

Youngest & oldest characters in Honkai Star Rail

According to the lore of the Honkai Star Rail, Hook is the game’s youngest character, while Jingliu is the most senior. Hook is a child between the ages of 8 and 10, while Jingliu is a survivor of Cangcheng who has lived for over 1,800 years.

Hook in Honkai Star Rail

Hook’s quest in Honkai Star Rail revolves around finding her father’s detector.

Shortest and tallest Honkai Star Rail characters

Hook is the most petite character in Honkai Star Rail, standing at just 3’9″, while Argenti and Luocha tower over her at 6’3″. Rest assured, we will keep this information updated in case any characters taller or shorter than them are introduced in the game. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back after updates.

This paragraph covers everything you need to know about the ages and heights of all the characters in Honkai Star Rail. To learn more about the game, be sure to read about how to unlock the Fire & Imaginary Trailblazers, as well as the latest information on upcoming characters such as Firefly, Jade, Jiaoqiu, and Feixiao.

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