How to Obtain Sandygast in Pokemon Go: Evolution and Shiny Possibilities

Alolan Pokemon Sandygast and Palossand can be found in Pokemon Go, but they are quite difficult to come across.

The introduction of Shared Skies in Pokemon Go has brought a summer ambiance, causing excitement among players to catch Sandygast, also known as the Sand Heap Pokemon.

How to catch Sandygast in Pokemon Go

Currently, there are two available methods of obtaining Sandygast in Pokemon Go:

  • By successfully fulfilling the ‘Catch 10 Pokemon’ Field Research task during the Slumbering Sands event.
  • The event involves catching it in its natural habitat.

During the Slumbering Sands event, Sandygast’s spawns are increased, giving you a greater opportunity to encounter it. As the Sand Heap Pokemon is typically associated with summer, this season is likely to provide even more chances to encounter it.

The Slumbering Sands event will continue until 8 PM (local time) on June 12, 2024.

Sandygast debut in Pokemon Go
Niantic/The Pokemon Company

Sandygast and Palossand debuted with the Water Festival: Beach Week event.

Evolving Sandygast into Palossand in Pokemon Go

Acquiring Palossand in Pokemon Go requires players to first catch Sandygast and then use 50 Candy to evolve it. This is currently the only method of obtaining Palossand in Pokemon Go, as it is not featured in Raids.

To achieve faster results and earn additional Candy, it is advised to utilize Pinap Berries while capturing Sandygast.

Is Sandygast shiny in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, shiny Sandygast and shiny Palossand are currently unavailable in Pokemon Go. It is possible that players will have to patiently await Sandygast’s Community Day or another special event in order to obtain its shiny form.

All the necessary information for obtaining Sandygast and Palossand in PoGo has been provided. To discover additional Pokemon related content, be sure to refer to the Spotlight Hour schedule, instructions for healing Pokemon in Pokemon Go, or methods for adding Goodra to your team.

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