All NewJeans Members Submit Petition to Court Asking if They Support Min Hee-jin

On May 18th, the music industry reported that NewJeans members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin, and Hyein had submitted a petition to the court on May 17th. This occurred during the hearing for CEO Min Hee-jin’s injunction request to prevent the exercise of voting rights.

It is the first instance where NewJeans members have openly expressed their position on the issue.

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Despite not revealing the exact details of the petition, CEO Min and the members have demonstrated their unity, while the parents of the members also expressed their disapproval of HYBE through a written statement.

The letter, sent to HYBE via ADOR, raised concerns about ILLIT, a rookie girl group that seems to be intentionally copying NewJeans’ concept. It also brought up the issue of Chairman Bang Si-hyuk reportedly ignoring the members of NewJeans and not greeting them when they met at the company. Based on this information, it is probable that the NewJeans members are showing their support for CEO Min.

Despite this, HYBE condemned CEO Min Hee-jin’s actions, declaring, “We are shocked by her use of artists as shields and her involvement of their parents for her own personal gain.”

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