Red Velvet Joy Wants to Protect Junior Idol as Her Older Sister

During the show, Red Velvet Joy expressed her love for her junior idol by declaring her desire to protect them with all her heart.

The most recent episode of “Follow REI,”titled “따라해볼레이 by섭씨쉽도 (@followrei_shipdo),”was released on the official YouTube channel on May 16.

On this special day, MC IVE Rei’s heart was warmed as Red Velvet Joy was invited as the guest of honor. Rei confessed that Joy was the inspiration behind her dream of becoming an idol.

Before the airing, the two celebrities had been delighting fans with their heartwarming exchanges on Bubble or Instagram.

Despite belonging to different K-pop generations, their friendship remains strong and unwavering. Nevertheless, the means by which they established this unbreakable bond remains a mystery.

In this episode, Rei ultimately revealed the story of how they first met and recounted:

“We were going to the same beauty shop back in the day. Before the debut, I knew that Red Velvet went to that shop. I heard that and right after the debut, I got to meet her. She had been filming for a drama then.

Although she was busy, I wanted to say ‘Hi’ and she did. She also received my album well. So I thought that I’ll think of it as my own good memory and I’ll treasure it forever.”

Red Velvet Joy Says She Wants to Protect THIS Junior Idol: 'As Her Older Sister...'
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy, Rei (Instagram))

Despite her initial hesitation, Red Velvet Joy eventually warmed up to the affection that Rei was showing her and revealed that she also wanted to reciprocate it, stating:

“I’m someone who doesn’t have a lot of energy, so when I accept someone, I have this weird responsibility that I should take care of the relationship with this person until the end, so I couldn’t get close to them well. If I open up to someone, I have to give everything to them.”

At first, Joy didn’t pay much attention to their friendship and believed that she was just one of her attractive and appreciative junior idols.

Red Velvet Joy Says She Wants to Protect THIS Junior Idol: 'As Her Older Sister...'
(Photo : Red Velvet Joy, Rei (Instagram))

Nevertheless, Joy disclosed that this shifted when an event occurred to Rei, prompting her to declare:

“When Rei took a break, I really felt sorry. I felt empathy with her, and anyone can go through it. So (I said), ‘It’s okay, Rei.’ I can say to her, ‘Anyone can go through it.’ Rei became bigger and bigger in my mind.

Whenever I see Rei, she knows how to get close to someone first and can open her heart as it is. That’s why I think she’s pure and innocent. Sometimes, she’s quite direct, but to me, she’s so pure.

As a reliable older sister Rei can rely on, I want to protect her pureness as it is. So she became my affectionate friend.”

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