Answered: Location of Alan Wake 2 Photo Mode Screenshots on PC

The initial significant update for Alan Wake 2 has been released, bringing the game to version 1.1.0. Among the updates is the addition of a photo mode, which offers a plethora of customizable settings. To locate your photos, refer to the Alan Wake 2 photo mode screenshots location on your PC.

Alan Wake 2 Photo Mode Screenshots Location

The location where you can find all the photos you have captured using the photo mode in Alan Wake 2 is accessible.

C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\Alan Wake 2

The Documents folder for Alan Wake 2 stores all screenshots taken using the overlay’s prompt. I can verify that the game does not compress the screenshots and maintains the resolution selected, regardless of the upscaling method.

With a resolution of 1440p, the size of some of my screenshots is approximately 8 MB, ensuring that no detail is lost. The photo mode is packed with features and builds upon the one seen in Remedy’s previous game, Control. It offers a plethora of options for adjusting settings, applying filters, choosing frames, and experimenting with camera settings. Capturing the screenshots is also effortless, with a keyboard prompt readily available for quick access.

Creating a designated folder for your screenshots eliminates the need for using an overlay or third-party software for assistance, and eliminates the worry of compression. Furthermore, the deluxe edition is not necessary to access the photo mode.

Although Night Springs is a compelling reason to revisit the game, I believe this additional feature justifies starting a completely new playthrough.

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