Kaiju No. 8 episode 9: Ichikawa and Kikoru dominate the battlefield as Hoshina fights his toughest enemy yet

Episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8 continued the highly-anticipated attack on Tachikawa base, igniting the Third Division into action in a thrilling and dangerous situation. The installment, which was officially released on Saturday, June 8, 2024, primarily highlighted the supporting characters while protagonist Kafka Hibino played a secondary role.

Similarly, in episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, the main focus was on Soshiro Hoshina and Kikoru Shinomiya, both of whom played crucial roles in defending the Tachikawa base from the attack. While Kikoru displayed her dominance against her opponents, Hoshina faced difficulties in his battle against the leader of the Daikaiju, who only grew stronger by the end of the episode.

Kaiju No. 8 episode 9: Kafka’s Transformation and Hoshina’s Greatest Feat Yet

Brief Episode Recap

Hoshina assumes command of Tachikawa base in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production IG)
Hoshina assumes command of Tachikawa base in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production IG)

The ninth episode of Kaiju No. 8 opened with Soshiro Hoshina reviewing a report on No. 8 and reminiscing about their recent battle. He remarked that No. 8 seemed surprisingly human, in contrast to No. 9’s ability to mimic human appearance. This led him to wonder about the current state of Kaiju. Meanwhile, Kafka and Hoshina discussed his observations on the rooftop of Third Base before Kafka noticed something in the sky and they went back inside.

The flying Kaiju that was seen at the end of the previous episode was soon identified as the same one that had invaded Tachikawa base. It entered dramatically, setting buildings ablaze and causing explosions upon impact. Konomi Okonogi quickly reported the situation as an aerial Kaiju assault, noting that each one had a fortitude over 6.0, classifying them all as Honju class.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, Hoshina took command in Mina Ashiro’s absence and ordered the off duty officers to join the action. It became apparent to Hoshina that the attack was deliberate, as there were no reports of damage outside the base. Kafka, who was observing from above, noticed that the wyvern-type Kaiju had set the base on fire. However, he also realized that something was amiss as all of the Kaiju were of the same type.

A Daikaiju makes itself Hoshina's opponent in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production IG)
A Daikaiju makes itself Hoshina’s opponent in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production I.G)

After contacting Hoshina, he informed him that although only a few wyvern-type Kaiju are sighted each year, they are always solitary. The fact that they were gathered in a group implied that they were being led by someone, and the humanoid talking Kaiju who approached Hoshina asked if he was the strongest human on the base. Hoshina confirmed this, mentioning Mina’s absence.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, the creature known as the Daikaiju declared Hoshina as its prey. As Hoshina relinquished control, the Daikaiju charged towards him, proving to be a formidable foe. It then signaled the start of its destruction by emitting a sound that caught the attention of the wyvern-type Kaiju.

Despite realizing that the Daikaiju’s punches were strong enough to possibly kill him, Hoshina was unable to dwell on it for too long. He also noticed that the Daikaiju’s skin was even tougher than No. 8’s, making it a formidable opponent. Meanwhile, the other soldiers were struggling against the wyvern-types. Fortunately, Kafka was able to share his knowledge and reveal a winning strategy against the wyverns to the rest of the group.

Kafka's cleanup skills & knowledge once again prove invaluable in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production I.G)
Kafka’s cleanup skills & knowledge once again prove invaluable in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9 (Image via Production I.G)

Despite initial success, the others in Kaiju No. 8 episode 8 eventually faced challenges as the wyvern-types joined forces to counter their strategy. However, Kikoru Shinomiya arrived on the battlefield with a new custom axe weapon, offering a different approach. She quickly charged at a wyvern-type, utilizing the weapon to effectively break through their armor. As a flashback revealed, Kikoru had obtained the weapon from Mina and Hoshina, who had explained its origins and purpose.

This flashback solidified Kikoru’s position as the third most powerful officer at Tachikawa base, just below the pair. This further clarified why she was given a personalized weapon despite being a lower ranking officer. She dismissed the weapon as too aggressive for her taste, despite its strength, and instead turned her attention towards the other wyvern-types in the vicinity.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, it was revealed that Kikoru’s weapon had a dual-function trigger. The first use was to create a shock wave that propelled the weapon forward during a swing. The second use was to activate the trigger upon impact, resulting in a powerful frontal shock wave. Reno Ichikawa and Iharu Furuhashi, who were in close proximity, praised the weapon as being perfect for Kikoru’s aggressive and domineering nature.

After assisting her with freezing and neutralizing a Kaiju that was about to attack from above, the two joined forces to take down the remaining wyvern-type creatures. Meanwhile, Aoi Kaguragi and Haruichi Izumo were also successful in defeating the wyvern they were facing. However, Hoshina was struggling in his battle against a powerful Daikaiju, visibly injured and constantly being pushed to the brink.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, Hoshina came to the realization that the Daikaiju was deriving enjoyment from their fight. This prompted him to relocate the battle to a training area while contemplating the possibility of the Daikaiju experiencing emotions. Despite landing a powerful blow on Hoshina, the Daikaiju commended his strength, noting that it surpassed even other Kaiju. In response, Hoshina managed to sever the Daikaiju’s arm during the attack, causing the monster to once again acknowledge his impressive strength.

Despite the other officers’ ongoing struggles against the wyvern-type Kaiju, Hoshina was able to increase his unleashed combat power to 92%. Kafka, who had not fully transformed, focused on saving others rather than engaging in direct combat with the enemy. As he and another officer were almost cornered, Kikoru and Ichikawa came to their rescue at the last minute, instructing Kafka to prioritize the evacuation of the wounded. Even Reno urged him to avoid taking any unnecessary risks.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, Kafka was impressed by the teamwork of his colleagues as reinforcements arrived. He also acknowledged the strength of the entire Third Division, as the focus shifted to Hoshina and the Daikaiju. Hoshina assured the others of victory and they charged towards each other. Hoshina targeted the weak spots in the Kaiju’s exoskeleton and successfully cut through its armor, proving that his initial feint was effective.

Despite his efforts, he was unable to find and destroy the core at that moment, resulting in the Daikaiju regenerating to its previous health. The battle between the two continued, with the Daikaiju growing more and more excited as Hoshina revealed a glimpse of the core. In a final attempt, Hoshina unleashed his sixth form, the Eightfold Slasher, seemingly defeating the Kaiju.

In episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8, the Daikaiju transformed into a new form and started releasing high-temperature steam as it grew larger. Its strength level also increased to 9.0, causing Hoshina to become visibly worried as the episode concluded with the Daikaiju’s powerful roar.

In review

The main strength of Episode 9 is its emphasis on the fact that Kafka and his powers are not the only means of fighting within the series. Kikoru and Hoshina both serve as examples of this, even though Hoshina may be struggling against his opponent. Other side characters, including Reno Ichikawa, Aoi Kaguragi, and Haruichi Izumo, also play a role in reinforcing this idea.

Despite this, in Kaiju No. 8 episode 9, Kafka shows his intelligence by strategically utilizing his powers, utilizing partial transformations to avoid attention while still aiding in the fight. It is also satisfying to see that the series is able to shift the focus away from Kafka without completely removing him from the battle.

In summation

The ninth episode foreshadows an exhilarating conclusion to the first season of the series, with a high likelihood of intense action and the potential for some characters to meet their demise due to the current circumstances. Additionally, it is highly likely that Kafka will be faced with a difficult decision to either transform and save everyone at Tachikawa base, or prioritize his own dreams.

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