Are Nightingale servers down? Server status, maintenance…

Nightingale is a brand new multiplayer open world survival experience, but how are the servers doing? Here is the current status of the game’s servers.

Nightingale is a never-before-seen open-world survival experience that immerses players in a fantasy world from developers Inflexion Games.

This multiplayer experience allows players to survive, build and explore cooperatively, providing a thrilling adventure for those who enjoy playing survival games with friends.

And since this game is multiplayer, Nightingale players will likely experience server issues.

Find out the current state of Nightingale’s servers.

Are Nightingale servers down?

Nightingale’s servers are back online now that planned maintenance has been completed. The developers have confirmed that you should make sure to update your game to access your world again.

How to check the status of Nightingale servers

Stay informed via the X/Twitter account and the Nightingale Developer Discord, as this is where Inflexion Games keeps the community informed of possible server issues.

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