One Piece: the death of an important character teased by the leaks of chapter 1108

One Piece Chapter 1108 spoilers are out, but they’re not fun, preparing readers for the death of a beloved character.

The One Piece manga is currently nearing the end of the Egghead arc. The giant pirates arrive on the island and destroy the Navy warships as the Buster Call has been announced. As for the Straw Hats, they do their best to evacuate the futuristic country, fighting on several fronts, between Zoro holding Lucci back and Luffy and Sanji joining forces to protect the rest of the crew.

Chapter 1107 ended with Caribou expressing his admiration for Blackbeard and expressing his desire to join the crew to two commanders. Unfortunately, the villain has compromising information regarding the location of the ancient weapons Poseidon and Pluto. If Teach gets wind of them, chances are he’ll do everything in his power to get them.

One Piece Chapter 1108 will be released this week, and the leaks have teased many emotional scenes. Especially because death seems to hang over a character. ..

Warning: this article contains spoilers from the upcoming chapter 1108 of One Piece!

Which character is likely to die in One Piece chapter 1108?

According to recent leaks, Dr. Vegapunk is set to die in One Piece.

vegapunk transpercé par saturn one piece
eiichiro oda/shueisha

This was one of the Navy’s main objectives as soldiers laid siege to Egghead Island. The doctor worked in the service of the military and the World Government for decades, but despite his contributions, the Gorosei saw fit to end his activities.

It was also because Vegapunk had become a target that Luffy and his crew had made the decision to stay to protect him. Unfortunately, Saturn discovers in chapter 1106 that Vegapunk disobeyed his orders by making changes to the Pacifistas. The Dean then pierces the scientist with one of his clawed paws.

In chapter 1107, Atlas, Bonney and Franky want to take the doctor on their escape, but he asks them to leave him there. He explains having been a doctor and being aware that he will not survive if he is moved. And according to the leaks of chapter 1108, Kizaru will continue to attack the scientist who is already on the verge of death.

Luffy will then intervene and allow Sanji to escape with Vegapunk, ignoring the doctor’s warning. At the end of the chapter, the character will reveal a secret concerning the World Government.

If the chapter does not explicitly show his death, it is teased by numerous clues: the fact that Sanji moves the doctor despite his recommendations, the ultimate truth revealed when he is seriously injured… The future looks dark for the mad scientist in One Piece chapter 1108.

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