Are Once Human Servers Experiencing Downtime? Updates on Server Status, Maintenance, and Outages

Is the Once Human server currently experiencing downtime?

Similar to the majority of live service games, Once Human servers may experience difficulties that can hinder log-in attempts. These issues can arise from various factors, with the most frequent being routine maintenance or server updates.

The frustration of not being able to play Once Human can be heightened if you’re excited to join your friends and protect your base from frightening enemies.

Are Once Human servers down?

Once Human environment
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Once Human servers can occasionaly go offline.

The Once Human servers are currently operational. In case you experience any server-related problems, please check your internet connection to determine if the issue is on your end.

Before reaching out to the Once Human support page, it is advised that you complete the following steps first:

  • Check your wifi router and ensure any wired/wireless connections are stable.
  • Run an internet speed test.
  • Make sure that you have downloaded the most recent updates for your Once Human application.
  • Boot up another game on your computer and see if you can load into it without issue.

If your internet connection is stable and you are still unable to access the game, then the problem is likely on the server side. In this case, you will need to wait for the developers to resolve the issues.

Once Human server status

To keep yourself updated on the status of the Once Human server, make sure to bookmark this article and refer back to it if you experience any issues. You can also visit the game’s official X account, Discord, Reddit page, and website for any official updates from the developers.

We will continue to update this article whenever any issues arise, as we always do.

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