Are Netizens Going Easy on Jennie?

Immediately following the circulation of the viral video of Jennie vaping indoors on July 8, a netizen sparked attention with a post discussing the BLACKPINK rapper.

The user on X expressed their observation that Jennie receives less criticism than other idols, which they find intriguing. It seems that the public tends to be more forgiving towards her, making her a fortunate idol.

The user mentioned several controversies that Jennie has encountered, such as smoking indoors, allegations of bullying from a former classmate, and her relationships with Kai, G-Dragon, and V.

jennie blackpink smoke thumbnail
The opinion that Jennie is favored more than other idols became a hot topic on X.

Despite being unremarkable, the post managed to receive an unexpected 3.9 million views within just two days, and also incited a heated discussion.

Despite reaching a consensus on certain viewpoints, the poster faced considerable backlash for being biased against Jennie and highlighting that her dating life should not be used to condemn her.

Netizens expressed their opinions on the matter, with some questioning why Jennie was being criticized for a third issue and advising her to take her medication. They believed that while it was understandable to criticize her for vaping indoors, it was unfair to attack her over unconfirmed dating rumors. They also acknowledged that Jennie has faced hateful posts on community sites despite her years of experience in the Kpop industry. While they were disappointed by her actions, they also reminded others not to spread baseless claims, particularly regarding rumors of school bullying. They also suggested that jealousy may be a factor in the criticism towards Jennie, and acknowledged that she made a mistake by vaping indoors and blowing smoke into a stylist’s house.

jennie chanel

Although it is not certain if Jennie is more popular than other idols, it is undeniable that the 1996-born idol often garners negative attention on social media and in the media. In the first half of 2024, Jennie has faced criticism from netizens at least five times.

Despite receiving criticism in May for her choice of a blue Alaïa dress at the Met Gala, which some said did not stand out as much as Western celebrities and emphasized her flaws, she continued to push boundaries with her fashion choices. In early July, she sparked further controversy by wearing a short dress to an event.

During the month of June, she faced backlash for working with Zico, a rapper who was accused of being aware of the Burning Sun scandal before it was made public. In July, netizens expressed disapproval towards Jennie after she posted a photo with Edison Chen.

Jennie blackpink-Edison Chen Koon-hi
Jennie was criticized for taking a photo with Edison Chen, a Hong Kong star embroiled in a sex scandal. Photo: IG.

Despite her success in winning Best Actress in an International Series at the SEC Awards 2024 in Brazil for her role in The Idol, Jennie also became a subject of ridicule.

After a video of Jennie vaping indoors was leaked, OA Entertainment issued a statement on July 9 on her behalf, acknowledging her mistake and extending a personal apology. They also assured that steps would be taken to make positive changes in the future.

Despite the company’s attempts, the public remained dissatisfied with the handling of the situation. On social media, there was a surge of criticism towards the idol, with comments such as “I was expecting her to apologize personally, but the company did it for her again. Does she think she’s above everyone else?”and “Why is she deliberately tarnishing her image? She boldly posted a video of herself vaping indoors on her vlog.”Many felt that the idol’s reputation had been irreparably damaged and called for her to make a personal apology. Some even questioned her level of concern towards the issue.

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