BABYMONSTER’s Favorite Music: From IU to TLC

The entire group of BABYMONSTER appeared as guests on MBC Radio’s live broadcast of “Kim Shin-young’s Noon Song of Hope”on July 10th.

On the broadcast, DJ Kim Shin-young shared, “After watching their live performance, I couldn’t help but fall in love with BABYMONSTER. I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Baemon was,” showing her strong admiration for the girl group.

BABYMONSTER’s live performances have been receiving positive reviews, especially when compared to other girl groups of their generation. During an interview, Kim Shin-young asked the members about the music that inspired them to pursue their dream of becoming singers.


Chiquita declared that Olivia Rodrigo is her inspiration, while Rora revealed that she has been listening to IU’s soundtrack for the animated series ‘My Dream Patissiere’ since she was young. To everyone’s surprise, Rami mentioned that she has been performing on stage since her time with the group 7Princesses, describing it as a festival for children.

Ahyeon impressed everyone with her eclectic music preferences by mentioning global icons like Rihanna and Snoop Dogg. Pharita was a fan of Ariana Grande’s music, while Asa revealed, “I’ve been a fan of TLC and Britney Spears since I was just 2 years old.”Kim Shin-young’s excitement was evident when TLC’s name was brought up.

Kim Shin-young stressed, “In the future, there will be fans from around the world who will proudly say that they grew up listening to BABYMONSTER’s ‘Forever’. Currently, many people are already showing their support for the group. I have no doubt that Baemon will capture the hearts of many more people.”

BABYMONSTER’s live performance of “Forever”was flawless and earned the admiration of radio listeners.

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