Arkham Asylum’s Cancellation on Max: A Setback for the Reevesverse

Unfortunately, it seems that the Arkham Asylum TV series will not be moving forward at Max. Many fans are worried that this could spell trouble for the future of Matt Reeves’ Batman universe.

The TV show’s journey was complex from the start. It was initially created as a component of Matt Reeves’ Batman universe, with the intention of delving into the inner workings of the Gotham City Police Department.

The show was initially intended to be set in the ‘Reevesverse’, which was established in 2022’s The Batman. However, when Terrance Winter left the project in 2020 due to “creative differences”, Reeves announced in 2022 that the show had transformed into Arkham Asylum.

In 2023, James Gunn revealed that the new show would take place in the upcoming DC Universe, instead of The Batman’s world. As of July 2024, there are no plans to move forward with Arkham Asylum.

Despite the show being in its development stages and originally set to launch on HBO’s streaming service, Max, Variety has recently announced that the plans have been abandoned.

Despite the show shifting its focus away from Reeves and his portrayal of Gotham, fans are still concerned that this news may spell trouble for his creative vision.

“According to one user on X, the change from Reeves’ universe to the DCU has resulted in Matt’s involvement becoming messy for those in charge. It seems they are slowly taking away his control over this A-list character. It’s likely that The Batverse will now focus on just Penguin and Parts 2-3.”

“While I don’t believe this news indicates that The Batman 2 will be cancelled, it does bring to mind the situation with James Wan and Aquaman. Similar to how there were initially many projects announced with Wan’s involvement that never materialized, we eventually did see Aquaman 2 but it was heavily edited.”

Despite Gunn’s confirmation that Reeves’ Batman movies will remain separate from the main DCU, there are still doubts about the feasibility of this plan.

According to a statement made by a commenter on their post, there is speculation about the possibility of having two simultaneous universes. It is believed that after The Batman 2, the presence of Reeves’ Batman will gradually diminish.

“Another user expressed their support for the loyal fans of the Reevesverse and acknowledged that they may have a difficult couple of years ahead.”

According to comments on Reddit, the general consensus remains unchanged, with many expressing their belief that the DC Extended Universe will end after the second installment of The Batman if Matt Reeves’ vision is not incorporated.

“While Reeves is taking his time with Part 2, there is a need for Batman in the DCU which Gunn is aware of. However, it is unlikely that WB will allow both projects to proceed simultaneously. A decision will need to be made.”

Despite current circumstances, The Batman 2 is still in production. To learn more, discover all the latest updates on The Penguin TV show. Additionally, check out our compilation of top superhero films and television series for more heroic content.

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