How to Create the Best Lepic Build in The First Descendant: Tips for Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

When it comes to The First Descendant, Lepic is a formidable option with its exceptional area of effect abilities and impressive damage output. To fully utilize his potential, it is crucial to select the appropriate weapons and modules. Therefore, we have some suggestions for you to experiment with.

Lepic is a Descendant known for his expertise in dealing Fire damage, primarily through his grenade and launcher Active Skills. He has earned a spot in our list of top characters in the game, holding an A-Tier ranking which is well-deserved based on his abilities.

In the current version of The First Descendant, Lepic is proving to be one of the most challenging characters to master due to the current meta.

Best Lepic Build in The First Descendant – Recommended

Best Active Skills for Lepic

Despite Lepic’s proficiency in various combat techniques, there are two skills that are particularly crucial in his rotation. One of these is Traction Grenade, which effectively draws enemies closer and within striking distance. This is essential as a significant portion of Lepic’s offensive capabilities relies on area of effect assaults.

This is where Overkill shines as the primary damage-dealing ability in his arsenal. Its potent shell is especially effective against large groups in close quarters, making Overkill even more impressive after Traction Grenade has already done the heavy lifting.

Explanation of all skills

All the skills that Lepic has available in The First Descendant are listed below:

  • Close Call (Passive): There is a possibility of surviving deadly damage in battle.
  • Grenade: When Overclock is active, throws a grenade forward at the enemy for extra Burns.
  • Overclock: Enhances the Skill ATK of all abilities and imbues Grenade and Overkill with a Burn effect for a specified period of time.
  • The Traction Grenade is thrown forward to pull any enemies within its range.
  • Overkill: Launches a formidable projectile towards the enemy. Upon impact, the shell remains in the targeted location for a designated duration, continuously causing harm (additional Burns when Overclock is activated).

Best Setup for Lepic’s Weapon

Thunder Cage in The Final Descendant

The Thunder Cage SMG is the ideal weapon for Lepic, providing him with both comfort and effectiveness. While it may be a strong primary weapon on its own, it truly shines when wielded by Lepic. As a Descendant with a focus on AoE attacks, Lepic’s Active Skills unfortunately require a significant amount of resources to use.

The Overcharge Unique Skill of the Thunder Cage results in an electric shockwave that affects multiple enemies when a final blow is landed. This is particularly useful in situations where MP is low but there is a need for widespread damage.

The complete statistics for the weapon are as follows:

  • ATK: 24
  • Fire Rate: 666
  • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
  • When defeating an enemy, an electric shockwave is released which deals firearm ATK to nearby enemies within a range of 3 meters.
Afterglow Sword in The Final Descendant

One crucial aspect of the game involves targeting weak spots and taking down bosses with high health points. However, Lepic may struggle in this aspect, making the Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle a valuable weapon for filling in that gap.

The Nightmare Reaper Unique Skill is imbued in the gun, which triggers the Death Propagation effect upon striking an enemy’s vulnerable spot. Each subsequent hit on a weak point adds 5% damage per stack.

The complete statistics for the firearm are as follows:

  • ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
  • Nightmare Reaper’s unique ability, Death Propagation, is triggered when hitting an enemy’s weak point. Furthermore, when targeting an enemy commander or Colossi, the firearm critical hit rate is increased and the effect is applied to the attack.

Best Reactor

Reactors are crucial in The First Descendant as they enhance skills, increase damage output, and overall combat effectiveness. When choosing Reactors for Lepic, prioritize those with high Skill Power and boost Fire abilities.

Skill Power is beneficial in all areas, and having Skill Critical Hit Damage is also advantageous as it enhances damage with every Critical Hit. The recommended reactors to pair with these skills are:

  • Burning Singularity: Boosts Fire and Tech damage
  • Burning Mechanics: Boosts Fire and Singular damage

Best Lepic Module Setup

Slot Module Description Quality
1 (Skill Module) Increased Gain MP is no longer consumed while Overkill is active. Consumes MP when attacking with Overkill. It also recovers MP when Overkill lands a Critical Hit. Transcendent
2 HP Concentration Improves Maximum Health capacity and increases Critical Strike chance when using Skills. Rare
3 Non-Attribute Master Improves Skill Power and Non-Attribute Skill Power. Rare
4 Technician Grants a massive boost to Skill Power. Normal
5 Energy Collection Provides MP steal from enemies. Normal
6 Regeneration Boost Provides HP steal from enemies. Normal
7 (Sub Module) Dual Claw Improves overall module capacity and changes attacks. Normal
8 Strong Mentality Skills cost less MP. Normal
9 Range HP Calculator Improves skill range and overall HP. Rare
10 Skill Cost Optimize Reduces Skill cooldowns and overall cost. Rare
11 Nimble Fingers Reduces Skill cooldowns. Normal
12 Entropy Acceleration Boosts Max HP and Skill Critical Hit damage output. Rare

Best External Components

External Components can be a challenging aspect for players as they often require significant grinding and rely on luck from random number generation. However, if you’re determined to complete your build with top-of-the-line components, here are the ones you should aim for:

  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • Max Shields
  • DEF

As a character, Lepic is known for having low durability, especially when facing opponents with strong single-attack abilities. To tackle this problem, your top priority should be finding External Components that can enhance their Max HP, HP Recovery, Max Shields, and DEF. These upgrades will greatly increase Lepic’s survivability in battle.

This is our recommended build for Lepic in The First Descendant. We also have a variety of other build guides available, so if you’re using Bunny, Ajax, or Freyna, be sure to check them out.

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