ATEEZ San’s Alleged Experience of Racism: Idol Speaks Out About ‘Mistreatment’ During Fashion Event

Despite the anger expressed by K-pop fans, particularly ATINYs, towards Dolce & Gabbana for their alleged mistreatment of ATEEZ San, the idol personally addressed the issue on social media.

On July 2 (local time), ATEEZ’s San made an appearance at the “Alta Moda”women’s couture show for the high-end brand Dolce & Gabbana in Nora, Sardinia, Italy, adding a touch of luxury with his presence.

On this occasion, the K-pop sensation and style icon made a statement with a unique outfit consisting of a top featuring a Baroque sculpture design, wide flare pants, and patent derby shoes.

On July 3, San once again attended the men’s couture show, “Alto Sartoria,”this time dressed in an elegant white suit.

Despite his elegant participation in the event, fans were outraged when they alleged that he experienced racial discrimination during the fashion show, which had initially elevated the atmosphere.

Initially, ATINYs expressed dissatisfaction with San’s outfit on the first day and criticized the brand for providing him with a “strange”appearance, which seemed to mock Asians as he was the only one wearing such “outrageous”clothing.

One additional factor that caused fans to feel frustrated was the viral spread of a photo showing him seated between two people without a cushion, unlike everyone else. Upon seeing his uncomfortable posture, netizens criticized the brand for mistreating San in that manner.

In light of this, certain fans urged ATINYs to avoid jumping to conclusions and reminded them that it may simply be an over-analysis.

Despite the fact that everyone knew about their close bond, it was no surprise that San held a special place in the heart of Domenico Dolce, the chief designer and founder of the revered luxury brand, Dolce & Gabbana.

On July 7, it appeared that San was finally made aware of this issue. During a live broadcast, he took the time to directly speak about the matter to his fans.

During the conversation, he shared the backstory of his initial outfit and revealed the true nature of his experience with the brand, which had previously been misrepresented by others.

San began:

“It was my best pick of the 10 clothes that the brand prepared for me. It was an opportunity to show my various sides, so I wanted to try Haute Couture for ‘Alta Moda’ when I thought about the identity of the show.

I thought it would be a great outfit for contemporary art and I was also grateful that they gave me the main outfit for last year’s show. I wanted to be recognized in fashion through challenging costumes with a different vibe to ‘Alta Sartoria’ outfits.”

San denied the mistreatment allegations, stating:

“I talked with Grandpa Dolce (Domenico Dolce) over dinner and he said good things like, “Italy loves you.’ He really treated me so fondly and nicely.”

Finally, he clarified that the controversy was simply a misinterpretation and that the issue stemmed from his similar physique and fashion sense as the person he was seated with.

San reassured fans that there was no racial discrimination involved and instead, shared that it was one of his most memorable experiences.

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