Babymonster Ahyeon Draws Attention After Changing Her Look

BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon has caught the eye of Korean netizens for her recent changes in her appearance, with many noting that she now bears a resemblance to Huh Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM.

On June 8, 2024, a post titled “Wow BAEMON Ahyeon’s red hair is stunning!”was shared on Instiz, a highly popular online community forum in South Korea. The post contained pictures of Ahyeon taken at BABYMONSTER’s fan meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia.

On this day, Ahyeon’s appearance was noticeably different. During her performance on YG Entertainment’s “Last Evaluation”and her debut with “SHEESH”as a member of BABYMONSTER, Ahyeon was seen sporting long black hair.

But now, Ahyeon has changed her hair color to a deep red! The person who originally posted about her mentioned that she appears more edgy with her new hair color and even referred to her as a “seriously hot girl.”They expressed their desire to see her in even more elaborate styling.

Moreover, they mentioned that her complexion would complement her if she decides to switch to blonde, even if her current color fades.

Upon viewing the post, Korean netizens were unable to contain their admiration for the idol’s new hairstyle. Many praised her ability to exude youthful and baby-like visuals even with heavy make-up. Some even compared her to a princess, further emphasizing her natural talent as an idol.

A common comparison made by many was between her and LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin, a well-known female idol with a hot girl image. Both Ahyeon and Huh Yunjin possess small faces, astounding talent, and striking red hair, making it a reasonable comparison. Others also pointed out the resemblance between Ahyeon and ITZY’s Ryujin.

A post shared by instagram

Several comments were read,

  • “She looks like Huh Yunjin.”
  • “Ahyeon was really born to be an idol.”
  • “Wow, I also have her face shape but I don’t look as good in photos.”
  • “Wow, she kind of looks like Huh Yunjin.”
  • “I can see so many idols’ faces in her.”
  • “Ahyeon is too pretty.”
  • “They keep giving Ahyeon strong make-up but she still looks like a baby! She is so cute!”
  • “Princess Ahyeon!”
  • “Ahyeon gives me Ryujin vibes.”

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BABYMONSTER has recently wrapped up their inaugural fan meeting tour. They successfully held fan meetings in five different regions across Asia, including Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Before that, a pop-up store was set up at The Hyundai Seoul to commemorate BABYMONSTER’s official debut.

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