Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy: Sofia’s Confrontation with Makoto and Shiki’s Battle Against Lancer (Season 2, Episode 23)

The airing of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 episode 23, titled “Nemesis Revenge Match,”took place on Monday, June 10, 2024, at 11 pm JST.

In the most recent installment, Makoto engages in a showdown with Sofia Bulga while Shiki takes on Lancer in order to protect Hibiki. As the battle rages on, Rona enters the scene and Sofia undergoes a transformation. Makoto uses his powers to launch Io into the air and coerces Rona to surrender Fort Stellar and the two heroes before fleeing, leaving Sofia behind.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Episode 23: Sofia Confronts Makoto, Rona Strikes a Deal

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 Episode 23 Opening Events: Rona Enters as Makoto and Sofia’s Fight Begins

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy’s 23rd episode of season 2 continues where the previous episode left off, with Sofia Bulga unexpectedly appearing during the confrontation between Io and Makoto. Makoto expresses his disappointment that Sofia was not defeated by the “devil,”leading her to question his knowledge of his identity. She compliments Makoto for surviving her attack and compares his strength to that of Tomoki, the hero of Gritonia.

When Makoto inquires about whether she had taken Tomoki’s life, Sofia clarifies that she chose to spare him due to her curiosity. Despite Makoto’s request for her to depart, Sofia remains resolute and readies herself for battle, declaring that she and her Heavenly Sword are determined to annihilate him.

In that instant, Rona appears and is taken aback by the sight of Makoto, who she refers to as Kuzunoha. Io and Sofia immediately start questioning his true identity. Sofia takes note of Makoto’s sudden proficiency in speaking common language, while Rona asks for his reason for being there. Io clarifies his agreement with the Goddess to rescue Limia’s hero, Hibiki, and reclaim Fort Stellar. Rona expresses disappointment, as she had intended to bring Makoto to meet the Demon King.

Makoto threatens Io (Image via J.C.Staff)
Makoto threatens Io (Image via J.C.Staff)

Makoto makes it clear that he never had any intention of joining forces with demons, drawing a comparison to Rona’s actions in Rotsgard. Rona attempts to defend herself, but Makoto brushes off her excuses as being too troublesome. He points out that he has already successfully cleared the city. Rona alludes to the involvement of their demi-human accomplices and suggests a proposition for Makoto to expand his business in demon territories if he agrees to leave.

Makoto declines, suggesting they fall back instead, prepared to battle all three if needed. Io informs Rona of the situation, and she reprimands him for employing the Rose Sign. Sofia ridicules Io and informs Makoto he has earned the privilege of facing her at her full power. As Sofia charges forward, she unveils the identity of the Devil, leaving Makoto stunned as he realizes it is him.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy: Season 2 Episode 23

In episode 23 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2, Makoto engages in a battle with Sofia, who uses her mastery of the darkness element to launch attacks. However, Makoto easily counters her moves with his powerful Mana Matter. Both fighters acknowledge each other’s improved skills, with Sofia displaying more strength while Rona and Io praise Makoto’s mana armor.

The scene then shifts to Luto, who observes the battle through Sofia’s perspective as she acts as a camera. Luto applauds Makoto’s strength, recognizing that Makoto has accomplished something he had been pursuing his entire life – identifying Mana Matter as an alchemist’s equivalent of a philosopher’s stone.

Luto watching Makoto's fight (Image via J.C.Staff)
Luto watching Makoto’s fight (Image via J.C.Staff)

The focus shifts back to Makoto and Sofia’s confrontation. Despite utilizing techniques borrowed from multiple greater dragons, Makoto remains unharmed and is able to retaliate against Sofia’s assaults. He cautions Io and Rona to keep their distance.

Sofia discloses that she had absorbed the abilities of powerful dragons in order to defeat Banshoku, causing Makoto to understand that her true objective was to defeat Luto. Despite her transformation, Makoto insists that her powers alone are not sufficient to defeat Shin/Tomoe and Luto.

After Sofia cuts through Makoto’s Mana Matter, Io takes advantage of the opening to attack. However, Makoto quickly sends him flying and warns him against attempting it again. Sofia continues her assault, destroying Makoto’s Mana Matter, but he promptly recreates it to fend off her strike. In response, Makoto incinerates Sofia, who swears to avenge her defeat by killing him.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy: Shiki Faces Lancer

Sofia fighting Makoto (Image via J.C.Staff)
Sofia fighting Makoto (Image via J.C.Staff)

In the 23rd episode of season 2 of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy, Hibiki and her companions successfully defeat a group of demons and rescue innocent citizens in the city. Shiki warns them of an impending attack and uses his barrier to protect them, but unfortunately, Woody sustains an injury. Lancer arrives in the form of a dragon, and Shiki introduces himself as the Devil’s squire, prepared to face him in battle.

As Sofia continues to battle Makoto, she finds herself at a disadvantage against his formidable power. In a moment of desperation, Rona decides to aid Sofia by casting a spell, but Makoto quickly intervenes and threatens her with death. Fearing for her life, Rona reluctantly agrees to Makoto’s terms and retreats, leaving Sofia to face the enemy alone.

Sofia, with her sword fused to her arm, readies herself to resume the battle. She mocks Makoto for his feeble attacks compared to Tomoki’s. However, Makoto discloses that Tomoki had cast a charm spell on her, explaining why she showed mercy towards him. He offers to dispel the spell, but she declines.

Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy: Season 2 Episode 23 Closes with the Climaxes of Sofia vs. Makoto and Lancer vs. Shiki

Sofia in this episode (Image via J.C.Staff)
Sofia in this episode (Image via J.C.Staff)

In the final moments of Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy season 2 episode 23, Sofia becomes incensed and sprouts blue wings as she launches an attack on Makoto. Despite her use of greater dragon abilities, he effortlessly overpowers her and proclaims her weakness. He also acknowledges Lancer’s superiority over Shiki.

At the conclusion of the episode, Lancer, now in human form, swears to seek revenge against Makoto for breaking his leg. Likewise, Shiki also makes a vow to take down Lancer for harming Makoto.

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