BABYMONSTER Member Tripped and Injured Her Ankle on Stage

Even though it was their first international event, BABYMONSTER displayed an impressive stage presence, skill in energizing the audience, and ability to handle the situation.

One particularly notable moment was when Rora unexpectedly fell on stage and twisted her ankle during their performance of “Like That.”

Despite stumbling backward and clearly being in pain, she maintained her professionalism by quickly getting back on her feet and continuing the show as if nothing had happened.

baby monster rora
baby monster rora
baby monster rora

Online, concerns were expressed for Rora’s ability to maintain professionalism after her fall, while others lauded BABYMONSTER.

Before this occurrence, while performing their rendition of BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last,”BABYMONSTER encountered sound problems as the music unexpectedly cut off twice.

Despite Ahyeon and the other members’ adorable expressions of frustration, fans were thoroughly entertained as they swiftly improvised, singing the song live and impressing fans with their vocals.

Reference: K14

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