IU and Kang Hanna: A Friendship of 8 Years and Counting

On May 12th, IU shared a series of photos on her Instagram, accompanied by the caption “Princess Yeonhwa treated me to an amazingly delicious meal. I was also gifted with presents and letters. I wish every day could be as wonderful as May 5th.”

The pictures depict IU having a romantic outing with actress Kang Hanna at a restaurant. They had planned to meet before IU’s birthday on May 16th.

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IU delightedly displayed the presents she had received from Kang Hanna, wearing a sleeveless dress and without any makeup, while enjoying her leisure time. Her childlike smile and effortless charm caught the eye of netizens.

After witnessing this, Kang Hanna wrote a heartwarming comment, wishing Haesoo a happy birthday.


During the airing of SBS drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ from August to November 2016, IU and Kang Hanna formed a close relationship. IU played Hae Soo, the female lead from the 10th century Goryeo Dynasty, while Kang Hanna portrayed Princess Yeonhwa.

Ever since then, the two have maintained their friendship through exchanging snacks on each other’s filming sets and going on dates. In particular, Kang Hanna has always made sure to attend IU’s concerts.

The source of the information is wikitree, which can be found at //www.wikitree.co.kr/articles/950770.

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