Baldur’s Gate 3 Experts Reveal the Essential Item for Your Journey

When embarking on an adventure, it is crucial to be well-prepared with a sturdy build, the best weapon, suitable companions, and even the perfect armor. Fans are now cautioning new players to not overlook the importance of a reliable shield.

Knowing everything you need before embarking on your Baldur’s Gate 3 journey can be challenging, and the importance of a trusty shield may be overlooked by some classes who do not believe they can use it.

One Baldur’s Gate 3 player emphasized the significance of the item, prompting experts to weigh in on the numerous benefits of using a shield in this vast adventure game.

PSA: if you’re gonna go outside don’t forget a shield byu/Cyberpunk39 inBaldursGate3

The poster shared a public service announcement, reminding everyone to bring a shield when going outside. They emphasized that everyone who is able to hold a shield should do so.

They proceeded to elaborate on the practical applications of this basic object, stating, “It can greatly enhance your defensive capabilities. A +2AC may not seem significant, but it’s comparable to a 20% increase in defense, particularly for classes with a low AC.”

Some players may mistakenly believe that shields can only be wielded by Fighters or other powerful melee characters such as Paladins or Clerics. However, it should be noted that Bards, Druids, Rangers, Wizards, and even Sorcerers can also possess proficiency in using shields, as long as they are not simultaneously holding two weapons.

Additionally, shields can be used by both humans and half-elves as a natural ability. As these are the most commonly chosen races in Baldur’s Gate 3, it is likely that your character will have access to this essential piece of equipment.

Even characters like Gale, who may seem fragile, can still find value in the item. “For those who are unaware, Gale (and other humans) can use a shield while also casting spells. I once completed a playthrough without knowing this because I never choose to play as a human in DnD, and all of my previous spell-casting characters were not skilled in using shields.”

While it may not be possible to use a shield while dual-wielding, the benefits of added armor and minimal damage loss make it a wise choice. There are no disadvantages to picking up a shield, and it could potentially save your life.

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