NewJeans Minji Rates Her Visuals – Why Do K-Netz Disagree?

Minji, a member of NewJeans, recently assessed her appearance during a live stream, but Korean netizens have expressed their disagreement with her evaluation.

Minji’s recent live stream on the fan communication platform, Phoning, caused a frenzy on social media platforms and South Korean online community forums on July 8. Numerous netizens shared screen recordings and screenshots of the talented idol, admiring her stunning beauty.

Despite receiving numerous comments from fans praising her beauty, it seemed that Minji did not share the same sentiment. In a live stream, she revealed to her viewers that she had rated her face as a 4.7 out of 10 that day.

In a short while, a post titled “NewJeans Minji rates her own face 4.7 out of 10 points”was posted on TheQoo, a popular online forum in South Korea. The author, pretending to be offended, exclaimed “Excuse me…?”in the post.

After seeing the post, Korean netizens unanimously agreed with the rating given to Minji. Some playfully commented that if she was only a 4.7 out of 10, then the rest of the world must be a -100 out of 10. Others suggested that perhaps her low rating was due to her lack of math skills, and encouraged her to brush up on her math to receive a better score.

In the midst of all this, numerous fans expressed their admiration for the idol’s stunning appearance on the live stream. Some praised her for her striking beauty, while others were drawn to her “handsome”features. Her slender and elongated nose bridge received accolades from Korean netizens. In fact, some even drew comparisons to RIIZE member Wonbin, who is renowned for his handsome looks.

Despite the mixed reactions, the outfit worn by NewJeans Hanni has generated a lot of attention. Some have criticized the revealing nature of the outfit, describing it as unsophisticated.

Despite her undeniable beauty, Minji is often considered to be too modest and could benefit from being more confident.

Several comments stated,

  • “I didn’t know Minji was bad at math…”
  • “She is seriously so handsome.”
  • “Wow, Minji’s face is my style… I am having a hard time…”
  • “Minji, you are too humble. You can be a little more arrogant.”
  • “Minji is so so so beautiful.”
  • “She should re-learn her math again.”
  • “Wow, she is so handsome.”
  • “Wow, seriously, her nose bridge in the videos is insane… She is freaking pretty…”
  • “Minji… Then this means our faces are -100 out of 10…”

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