How to Obtain Black Myth: Wukong for Free with New Nvidia GPUs

Nvidia is collaborating with Black Myth: Wukong to offer a free game promotion. Customers who buy a new RTX 40-series graphics card, laptop, or PC will qualify for this promotion.

Although Black Myth will be released on August 20, it is recommended that you do not wait until then to upgrade your hardware. The offer will be available from July 9 to August 19, which is one day before Wukong’s release. Any hardware upgrades or laptop setups done during this period should qualify for a complimentary code.

The Chinese-made game, Black Myth: Wukong, has been featuring all of the Nvidia trimmings since 2021. As a result, it has become one of Team Green’s top choices for showcasing their technology.

Bundling the two together is a logical decision, as Wukong will offer both DLSS 3.5 and full ray tracing support. The game, developed by Game Science, is being built on Unreal 5, an upgrade from the initially planned UE4.

Despite requiring additional specifications to function effectively, DLSS 3.5 is guaranteed to have a significant impact. Nvidia’s DLSS utilizes supersampling technology by first decreasing the game’s resolution and then using machine learning algorithms to upscale it to the necessary resolution.

Nvidia’s DLSS 3.5, on the other hand, has some minor differences. The focus of version 3.5 is on lighting, as the same supersampling technique is now being used for in-game lighting and ray tracing.

Since its announcement, Black Myth: Wukong has garnered a significant amount of excitement. With its stunning graphics and dynamic combat, the question remains whether it will live up to its potential.

Where to Purchase the Black Myth: Wukong Nvidia Bundle

The website of Nvidia provides a comprehensive list of all the places where you can purchase a GPU. However, for prebuilt computers and laptops, we suggest considering the following three stores:

Eligible Nvidia Cards for Free Copy of Black Myth: Wukong

According to Nvidia, the RTX 40-series graphics cards listed below are considered eligible:

  • 4090
  • 4080 SUPER
  • 4080
  • 4070 You SUPER
  • 4070 If
  • 4070 SUPER
  • 4070
  • 4090 Laptop GPU
  • 4080 Laptop GPU
  • 4070 Laptop GPU

Despite not being part of this deal, Nvidia will still ensure that the game can run smoothly on the 4060 and 4050 GPUs and laptops. This is because the game’s minimum requirements only call for a GTX 1060, which these cards meet.

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