Baldur’s Gate 3 players discover hilariously evil way to torment poor Withers

A nifty trick has been discovered by Baldur’s Gate 3 players, allowing them to torment Withers by chasing him around camp with holy light. This theoretically infinite chain of events leaves him constantly terrified.

The Game of the Year winner, Baldur’s Gate 3, offers players a vast range of possibilities for interacting with NPCs, including options such as throwing them off cliffs and even making them fall in love.

This also entails the ability to intimidate the skeletal figure in your camp who remains quiet and refuses to depart. A Reddit user found that casting the Cleric spell Spirit Guardians would prompt Withers to step aside.

The spell Spirit Guardians creates a yellow circle with Spirits surrounding the character who casts it. It does not harm friendly NPCs, but it does frighten poor Withers.

If you have the circle set to Radiant damage, he will leave it, giving the player the opportunity to pursue his old, frail body around the camp for as long as they desire.

Shadowheart surrounded by golden light after using Spirit Guardians
Larian Studios

Spirit Guardian spell circle

According to the original Reddit poster, our beloved skeleton seems to have a distaste for being near Spirit Guardians. If the damage is changed to radiant, he will flee from the spell when you approach. Simply stay close and enjoy watching the adorable bone man run away. Who needs to chase chickens when you can chase a skeleton around camp?

The majority of comments on the previous post expressed satisfaction at the news that they would have the opportunity to annoy Withers without limits. Some even shared other methods they had used to torment him, such as tossing him into the river.

Some individuals advised leaving him be, stating that tormenting the vulnerable man displayed a “Dark Urge”mentality. The revelation of Spirit Guardian’s abilities sparked discussions on the possibilities of utilizing Withers in the player’s camp.

“Additionally, one commenter noted that if a Wild Magic Surge is triggered near him, causing those in the vicinity to transform into animals, he himself will take on the form of a black dog adorned with saddlebags and a scroll around his neck. The level of attention to detail displayed by Larian is truly impressive and admirable.”

If you’re feeling like giving Withers some attention again, consider using Spirit Guardian and see him race around camp. This is, of course, only if you’re an evil person.

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