Best Yujin Build Guide for The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

Yujin’s focus in The First Descendant is primarily on healing allies and providing support to the fireteam. If this aligns with your desired role, we have all the tips and suggestions for the most effective weapons, reactor, modules, and skills to enhance Yujin’s abilities.

Yujin stands out as the top choice among all the Descendants who provide direct healing to their teammates. His exceptional toolkit is enhanced by the vast possibilities for build customization, including modules, reactors, and weapons that take his abilities to a whole new level.

If you’re seeking pure damage, it may be more beneficial to look elsewhere. However, Yujin possesses the potential to become one of the most sought-after Descendants in the entire game.

Best Yujin Build for The First Descendant – Recommended

Best Active Skill for Yujin

Just like any other Descendant, Yujin possesses one passive and four active Skills. Each of these skills is highly proficient in achieving their intended purpose, however, the primary ones to utilize are:

  1. The ability, Solidarity Healing, calls forth a drone that targets and heals allies. This invaluable tool requires minimal effort from the player and provides substantial healing. When dismissed, it also boosts the target’s ATK stat. It is crucial to consistently utilize this ability, rotating between allies to ensure their well-being and buffs.
  2. Hyperreactive Healing Ground: This is a large circular heal that is very effective if you need to get multiple members of your party back up to full health. It also grants Purification and Immunity, which removes negative status effects and stops teammates from accruing new ones. Yujin also gets the Hyperactivity effect, which buffs his base ATK and Skill Power

Explanation of all skills

Yujin players have the option to choose from five available skills.

  • Yujin’s passive ability, “Stop Overreacting,”greatly decreases the time it takes to rescue allies. Additionally, allies rescued by Yujin will have their Max HP increased for a set duration.
  • Solidarity Healing: Activates a Recovery Drone which attaches to allies, providing healing. When dismissed, the drone boosts the target’s ATK with an Accelerant effect.
  • The Restructure Serum ability launches a serum forward, reducing the defense of any target it hits and causing them to become Allergic. If allies attack an Allergic enemy, they will receive a healing boost and nearby allies will also be healed.
  • Stimulant Spray: Provides Stimulation to allies, reducing incoming damage and granting recovery when it wears off.
  • The Hyperreactive Healing Ground ability restores the health of Yujin and his allies, while also providing Purification and Immunity to eliminate and prevent negative effects. The amount of healing received is determined by the number of allies and enemies in the vicinity. Additionally, Yujin gains the Hyperactivity effect, boosting his ATK and Skill Power.

Best Weapon for Yujin

Divine Punishment in The Final Descendant

The most superior weapon for Yujin and other healers in The First Descendant is Divine Punishment. This Assault Rifle is highly effective and aligns perfectly with the current meta, but its true advantage lies in its distinct ability, Prayer:

  • Prayer: Granting a buff to allies excluding yourself will grant the Meditation to yourself. Recovering an ally’s HP, Shield, MP or Resources will grant the unique ability Praise to yourself. Inflicting a debuff on an enemy will grant the unique ability Glory to yourself.
    • Meditation: Increases DEF by a base of 10% for 30 seconds. This effect stacks up to 3 times and increases DEF by 5% per extra stack.
    • Praise: Reduces Skill cooldown (amount dependent on Skill).
    • Glory: Increases the base stat for Firearm ATK with each equipped weapon.

The comprehensive buffs offered by Divine Punishment make it the clear favorite among weapons for Yujin and other support characters. With Assault Rifles being a popular choice for dealing damage in the current meta, having this option as a backup is certainly beneficial.

If you are interested in exploring other options, our Ultimate weapons tier list offers a selection of highly effective choices.

Best Reactors

The Reactor mechanic is a fascinating feature that enables players to enhance the Skills and stats of their Descendants. Yujin is a character who heavily utilizes Non-Attribute Skills, making it essential to search for Reactors with “Materialized”in their title. The top choices include:

  • Materialized Mixture: Enhances abilities in Non-Attribute and Fusion Skills.
  • Materialized Singularity: Improves Non-Attribute and Singular Skills.

Best Yujin Module Setup

Slot Module Description Quality
1 (Skill Module) Proliferating Allergy Inflicts Explosive Reaction. Deals damage to nearby enemies when the effect ends or the enemy dies. This spreads whenever an enemy is killed. Transcendent
2 Autoimmunity Reduces incoming damage and improves health regeneration Rare
3 Amplification Control Improves the range of Area of Effect abilities and increases Max Shield Rare
4 Nimble Fingers Reduces Skill cooldown Normal
5 Weighing the Scales Increases Max Shield and reduces Skill cost Rare
6 Battle of Stamina Increases Max HP and Skill duration Rare
7 (Sub Module) Shock Punch Replaces melee with an Electric punch, increases maximum module capacity when upgraded Normal
8 Agony Increases Max MP and DEF Rare
9 Accelerating Stim Increases Max HP significantly and slightly reduces MP Rare
10 Medical Support Moderate HP heal Normal
11 Conditional Recharge On skill use, HP is consumed by 4% and 3% of Max Shield is recovered Ultimate
12 Resist Module Interchangeable depending on what you’re fighting, pick an Elemental Resistance that counters your enemy N/A

The Proliferating Allergy module effectively provides Yujin with offensive capabilities that he would not have had otherwise. In addition, the other module choices focus on increasing Yujin’s survivability, allowing the Descendant to utilize his abilities. Despite the negative HP impact of Conditional Recharge, the benefits of the Shield boost make it worth keeping in the module selection.

Top External Components

The First Descendant features External Components as a particularly arduous aspect, as their effectiveness is largely dependent on the whims of RNG. When playing as Yujin, the most favorable ones to pursue are as follows:

  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • Max Shield
  • DEF

Just like our module selections, our goal is to maximize Yujin’s survivability. Having a large health pool and health regeneration are essential for this character’s success, as you cannot depend on others to keep you fully healed.

DEF and Shield are both additional benefits that provide extra protection, enabling players to survive in the game’s toughest challenges.

The most optimal build for Yujin in The First Descendant is as follows.

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