T1 LoL dominate Esports World Cup in yet another massive international win

T1, the current reigning champions of Worlds 2023, ended their losing streak in the LCK by dominating the Esports World Cup and claiming the first EWC LoL championship.

Despite facing tough competition throughout their bracket run, Team Liquid managed to defeat BLG, Team Liquid, and Top Esports to claim the title, solidifying themselves as T1’s most formidable opponent.

Despite being a new mid laner, APA was able to hold his own against Faker in all three matches. This gave Western fans hope, even though TL was knocked out.

Ultimately, T1 emerged victorious in their final series against Top Esports, as Faker made a surprising decision to pick Yasuo for the first time since 2022. This unexpected choice allowed him to dominate TES, proving to fans that despite ongoing wrist issues, Faker still possesses his exceptional skills after all these years.

T1 and Gen.G are currently leading the LCK standings in their domestic league. While T1 are tied for fourth place, Gen.G is dominating the region with a perfect 12-0 score.

Despite their high hopes, Gen.G suffered a crushing defeat in the first round of the Esports World Cup, losing 0-2 to Top Esports. This sparked a divided reaction within the community, as some questioned if this loss should disqualify Gen.G from their pursuit of the Golden Road, a coveted accomplishment in the world of League of Legends.

Despite potentially dominating LCK for the remainder of Summer and winning Worlds 2024, it will be difficult to overlook Gen.G’s misstep at this tournament.

Despite T1’s impressive win and claim to the first prize and EWC title, not all fans of the team chose to watch the tournament. This is not uncommon for the organization, which has a longstanding reputation for excellence in the world of LoL and has experienced numerous international victories. However, T1 will still walk away with a substantial sum of $400k.

There have been humanitarian concerns surrounding the Esports World Cup’s involvement with Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund. This has led to uncertainty regarding the participation of LoL in the tournament, as it was not immediately clear if Riot would allow its game to be played.

In the year 2020, due to widespread backlash from fans, the LEC was compelled to terminate their collaboration with NEOM. However, when the Esports World Cup took place in 2024, there was no similar reaction from fans.

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