Pokemon Go Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research tasks & rewards

Take a peek at all the contents included in the two versions of the Ultra Space Timed Research for Pokemon Go Inbound.

The Inbound from Ultra Space event offers multiple opportunities to join Raids and encounter Ultra Beasts such as Kartana and Celesteela from the Alola region. Each day of the event will feature a unique 5-Star Raid, featuring a different Ultra Beast.

Additionally, individuals who take part in Raids will have the opportunity to advance by completing a set of Timed Research tasks on Pokemon Go.

Take a glimpse at what is in store for the upcoming event.

Pokemon Go Ultra Space Wonders event

Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research tasks

Thanks to Serebii, the research tasks and rewards for this Timed Research challenge in Pokemon Go are provided below.

Step 1 of 1

  • Win two Raids – Blacephelon encounter
  • Win three Raids – Stakataka encounter
  • Win four Raids – Guzzlord encounter
  • Win five Raids – Nihilego encounter
  • Win six Raids – Kartana encounter
  • Win seven Raids – Celesteela encounter
  • Win eight Raids – Xurkitree encounter
  • Win nine Raids – Pheromosa encounter
  • Win 10 Raids – Buzzwole encounter

Prizes: 5 Buzzwole Candy, 5 Pheromosa Candy, 5 Xurkitree Candy

5-Star Raids for the specified Pokemon will take place from July 8-12, 2024.

The Inbound from Ultra Space event will provide trainers with the opportunity to obtain a unique background for catching Ultra Beasts. However, Pokemon encountered through completing the aforementioned challenges will not have the special backgrounds.

Inbound from Ultra Space Premium Timed Research tasks

Take a look at the premium Inbound tasks from the Ultra Space Timed Research:

Step 1

  • Win two Raids – Blacephelon Candy XL x5
  • Win three Raids – Stakataka Candy XL x5
  • Win four Raids – Guzzlord Candy XL x5
  • Win five Raids – Nihilego Candy XL x5
  • Win six Raids – Kartana Candy XL x5
  • Win seven Raids – Celesteela Candy XL x5
  • Win eight Raids – Xurkitree Candy XL x5
  • Win nine Raids – Pheromosa Candy XL x5
  • Win 10 Raids – Buzzwole Candy XL x5

Prizes: One Star Piece, ten Cosmog Candy, and 2024 Stardust will be awarded.

How to Access Inbound from Ultra Space Timed Research

The Time Research challenge for this event is free, while the Ultra Space Timed Research can be purchased for a fee of $5.00 USD or the equivalent amount in the player’s region.

Anyone looking to participate in the Premium Timed Research challenge must complete their purchase by 6 PM local time on July 14, 2024. Additionally, rewards must be claimed by 8 PM local time.

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