Baldur’s Gate 3 Players Excited by D&D Monster Manual Alt Cover Easter Egg

The recently revealed alternate cover for the new Dungeons & Dragons 5E Monster Manual includes a prominent nod to Baldur’s Gate 3, much to the excitement of fans all around the world.

D&D 5E remains the top choice for many players, with its appeal drawing in millions to the tabletop RPG hobby. The release of Baldur’s Gate 3 in 2023, which brings D&D 5E’s rules and world to video game format, has only added to the game’s already widespread popularity.

With the upcoming launch of revised core rulebooks for D&D 5e later this year, it’s no surprise that Wizards of the Coast would make a reference to Baldur’s Gate 3. The game has successfully attracted new players to D&D, making it a relevant topic for discussion.

New DnD Monster Manual alt cover features the Emperor byu/alexkon3 inBaldursGate3

The post mistakenly labels the Mind Flayer as The Emperor, when in fact it is the unnamed creature from the intro who inserts the tadpole into the player’s eye. Both creatures don similar armor, causing speculation among fans that there is a link between the two. However, it is also possible that the developers simply reused a design.

“While I typically don’t enjoy alternate covers, this one is quite nice. I have a different opinion about the upcoming PHB alt cover,”one user shared. Another commented, “Looks like I’ll be spending more money again.”

The alternate cover of the Monster Manual is not the only one to reference Baldur’s Gate. The regular version of the book also includes Minsc and Boo facing a Beholder, showing that the D&D video games are gaining traction as a significant promotional aspect for the tabletop RPG.

A cover that prominently features Baldur’s Gate 3 will greatly enhance the appeal of the Monster Manual, especially for players who have completed their adventures with Tav and are eager to embark on new journeys in the expansive world of D&D.

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