Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod Restores Cut Shadowheart and Shar Content

Players of Baldur’s Gate 3 have encountered cut content related to Shadowheart and her deity Shar, thanks to a mod that reveals what could have been.

Despite the fact that official modding tools for Larian Studios’ expansive RPG will not be available until Patch 7 is released later this year, modders have been experimenting with the game since its launch. Some popular modifications include increasing the party limit and level cap.

Some other mods aim to bring back content that was removed from the game, such as OddCoward’s Shar Deity (With Restored Cut Dialogue) mod which restores cut dialogue related to the Shar deity.

This mod, as its title suggests, gives players the ability to select Shar as their deity. This feature was initially included in early access but was removed before the final release. Additionally, the mod adds previously inaccessible content, mainly involving the main character’s interactions with Shadowheart, the Sharran Cleric companion.

A Reddit user shared their experience with the mod in a post where they listed all the new interactions, stating that it significantly altered the gameplay experience.

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After experiencing gameplay as a Selunite, the player became interested in trying out the mod and was particularly intrigued by Shadowheart’s interactions with a Tav who worshipped her goddess’ archenemy. This sparked their curiosity about how Shadowheart would react to a Tav who shared her own deity.

As expected, the majority of the removed material can be found in Act 2, specifically involving Shadowheart’s significant character development and the well-known Gauntlet of Shar.

The paragraph features a question about why Shadowheart is the only one receiving protection in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, despite both characters being devoted to Shar. It also mentions interactions with NPCs that are usually only available in a Shadowheart Origin playthrough, as well as the Narrator’s words upon entering the Shadowfell, which suggest a welcoming homecoming.

In addition to Shadowheart trusting the player earlier, she also opens up about her faith in Shar and discusses how she handles non-believers, after revealing her deity in Act 1. Furthermore, there are some undisclosed alterations to the decision concerning her parents in Act 3.

Numerous individuals who commented on the post expressed their interest in the content and hoped that Shar would have still been included as a choice, along with other deities that were removed during early access such as Bane, Bhaal, and Myrkul.

Despite this, some individuals noted a convincing justification for removing the content: it bears a striking resemblance to Shadowheart’s storyline. As one commenter pointed out, “So… It’s essentially the origin of Shadowheart, but with some elements missing?”

Although the reintroduction of Shar content does offer intriguing possibilities for the player character’s relationship with Shadowheart, it appears that players of Baldur’s Gate 3 who do not utilize mods can still have a comparable experience by playing through Shadowheart’s Origin story.

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