Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor Mode Run Goes Horribly Wrong Because of a Painting

In a Baldur’s Gate 3 Honor Mode run, there are numerous potential pitfalls, including unexpected interactions with a painting.

Completing a Baldur’s Gate 3 run in Honor Mode is undoubtedly one of the most difficult tasks, as there is very little margin for error. A single misstep or mistake can result in the entire party being wiped out in an instant, resulting in the loss of hours of progress without the ability to save and reload.

Despite the immense difficulty, the golden dice and achievement make the journey worthwhile. There are countless tales of Honor Mode runs ending in unexpected outcomes, whether it be from a healing potion or an unforeseen glitch.

Furthermore, it was revealed in a Reddit thread that interacting with a painting created by Oskar after completing his quest can also lead to unfortunate consequences, as one player confessed to being drawn to the painting out of curiosity.

bg3 honour mode
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Lae’zel and Scratch.

After inspecting the painting, I realize that I can only see the border for some unknown reason. Frustrated, I toss it to the ground and surprisingly, I can see a beautiful portrait of myself. Excited, I decide to hang it up at camp. I pick up the painting and head back to camp.

Despite this, events took an unforeseen turn. During their time at the camp, the player desired to revisit the painting and thus tossed it “in the middle of the room.”Unfortunately, at that precise moment, Scratch happened to be passing by and was struck by the painting while it was still airborne.

“Despite thinking it was not a big deal, the player quickly realized they were wrong. Scratch’s sudden anger was directed at them as a message appeared, stating a decrease in attitude towards the Dark Urge. They were taken by surprise as the sound of a battle starting filled their ears, signaling that the entire camp was now hostile and engaged in combat.”

This is not the first instance where the lovable dog has ruined an Honor Mode playthrough. Earlier, certain players had warned against playing fetch with Scratch while at camp to prevent an undesirable result.

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