Barragan’s Arrogante in Bleach and Its Impact on Yhwach’s Plans in the Thousand-Year Blood War

Despite its portrayal as a manifestation of power in Bleach, Barragan’s Arrogante carries a deeper meaning. It represents his position as the former King of Hueco Mundo and his control over death. Unfortunately, his defeat in the Fake Karakura Town arc left a significant gap in the overall plot of Bleach.

Despite possessing untapped potential that could have greatly altered the course of Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, Barragan’s abilities of life and decay remained unutilized. It is disappointing to imagine the missed opportunity of witnessing his powers in action against Yhwach and his army.

How Barragan’s Arrogante Could Have Changed the Course of Bleach by Decimating the Quincy

Barragan using Respira, aura of death (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Barragan using Respira, aura of death (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Previously known as the God-King of Hueco Mundo, Barragan, who was also referred to as the Segunda Espada, had a remarkable power to deteriorate and age anything that crossed his path.

When Barragan releases his Zanpakuto, he transforms into a form reminiscent of the Grim Reaper, donning a skull head and black robes. Merely stepping on an object will cause it to deteriorate, while any spiritual energy that comes too close to him will rapidly diminish. Additionally, he can emit a deadly aura from his breath, rendering even the most powerful abilities ineffective.

Yhwach’s entire strategy centered around precision and carefully orchestrating events. His unmatched ability to foresee and manipulate the future was rooted in a vision that required maintaining the delicate balance of the present until his objectives could be achieved.

If Barragan’s Arrogante were to confront Yhwach’s ambitions, it could potentially disrupt Yhwach’s meticulously crafted plans and create chaos. The decay caused by Barragan’s power could interfere with the Quincy leader’s ability to manipulate and control the future, as the present would constantly be shifting and deteriorating.

Additionally, the Sternritter heavily depended on their unique abilities. Due to Barragan’s Arrogante, their Quincy tools and weapons were susceptible to deterioration, diminishing their effectiveness in combat. The alliance between Barragan and the Soul Society could potentially bolster the attack against Yhwach.

His skills could have been in line with the Shinigami’s tactics of creating opportunities for lethal attacks. If he had come during the time when their bankais were stolen, his assistance would have made a considerable difference.

Barragan’s exceptional talent for manipulating time and decay is utilized in these maneuvers, providing a strategic counter to Yhwach’s careful planning and foresight. In a constantly changing war, Barragan’s Arrogante could have been the unexpected element to disrupt Yhwach’s master plan.

What was the cause of Barragan’s death?

Barragan's final battle with Hachigen (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Barragan’s final battle with Hachigen (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Despite his immense power, Barragan Louisenbairn was met with a tragic fate in his final battle against members of the Gotei 13 and the Visored during the Fake Karakura arc. Ironically, it was his own strength that ultimately led to his downfall. He faced off against Sui Feng, the captain of the second division, and Hachigen Ushoda, a Visored, in a fierce combat.

In order to begin the fight, Hachigen used a Kido spell against Barragan. However, Barragan swiftly countered with his Respira, a power that caused anything it touched to age and decay. Realizing the threat, Hachigen promptly created multiple barriers to protect against Barragan’s Arrogante.

As the battle raged on, Barragan proudly boasted of his Respira, claiming it was an unbeatable power similar to his Arrogante. However, Hachigen cleverly used this knowledge to his advantage. Taking a calculated risk, Hachigen seized the opportunity when Barragan broke free and used his Respira to decay his own hand.

Using his kido, he teleported his severed, decaying hand inside Barragan’s body. As a result, Barragan was exposed to his own aging aura from within, causing him to decay from the inside out.

Despite being overwhelmed by his own strength, Barragan made one final attempt at rebellion by throwing his axe at Sosuke Aizen, seeking revenge against the one who had dethroned him. Unfortunately, his efforts were futile as the weapon disintegrated before reaching its intended target.

The squandering of his potential was a loss of a valuable storytelling opportunity. Barragan’s Arrogante, representing decay and death, possessed great potential and should have been utilized more effectively, particularly against formidable adversaries such as Yhwach.

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