How to Play Life Is Strange: Double Exposure Early

The highly anticipated sequel, Life is Strange: Double Exposure, was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 and features the beloved protagonist, Max Caulfield. Fans won’t have to wait long for the release from developer Deck Nine, but there is an option to play the game earlier by paying extra. Here’s a guide on how to access Life is Strange: Double Exposure ahead of its official release.

How to Play Life is Strange: Double Exposure Two Weeks Early

To gain access to the first two chapters of Life is Strange: Double Exposure two weeks ahead of its release, pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition is necessary.

Pre-Order Life is Strange: Double Exposure Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition is priced at $80 for all platforms, while the standard edition is only $50. This may seem like a steep cost for early access and may not be the most suitable option for a story-driven game. Additionally, the Ultimate Edition includes the following additional content.

  • Life is Strange: Double Exposure – complete game
  • Spooky Outfit Pack
  • Decades Outfit Pack
  • Final Fantasy VII Outfit Pack
  • Fan Favorite Outfit Pack
  • Paw Prints Cat Outfit Pack
  • Exclusive Cat Content

Despite being a nice addition, a two-week waiting period leaves ample time for spoilers to appear on platforms such as YouTube and forums, making it difficult for eager players to avoid them.

The emerging trend of granting Early Access to various editions of games has become increasingly popular among AAA releases. This can cause players to experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and make impulsive purchases.

Even though it may not be a major issue for a game where the focus is not on the story, Life is Strange is a series released in episodes, with numerous surprising plot developments and hidden truths that are most enjoyable when experienced without prior knowledge.

Upcoming Release Date for Life is Strange: Double Exposure

The release date for the game on PC, Xbox Series S|X, and the PS5 is set for October 29, 2024. However, for those who own the Ultimate Edition, the game will be accessible October 15 instead. This date remains unchanged.

We strongly advise against sharing any plot or character details with other players if you are purchasing the ultimate edition of Life is Strange: Double Exposure to play it early.

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