Getting Pets in Diablo 4

With the latest update for the dungeon crawler, playing solo in Diablo 4 no longer feels as lonely thanks to the addition of pets. In this article, we will explore all the different methods of obtaining pets in Diablo 4.

Tips for Obtaining Pets in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Pet
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Players of Diablo 4 are eligible to receive a complimentary pet upon successfully finishing the Faithful Companion quest. This quest was recently introduced in the latest update and is available to all players, regardless of their platform or version.

Once you have added it to your quest list, you can locate it in the town of Kyovashad, which is situated to the west of the World Tier statue. The quest will lead you to a dog named the Well Behaved Dog, found on the side of the road.

In order to complete the quest, you must interact with the dog and pet him. This will grant you a free pet named Asheara, which can be equipped. Your pet will accompany you during battles, collecting gold and other materials such as Aberrant Cinders. Whenever you use the Hello emote near your pet, your character will pet it.

Currently, there are a variety of pets that can be equipped in-game, but some cannot be obtained through gameplay. With the latest update, there are three additional pets that can only be obtained by purchasing the Vessel of Hatred expansion in advance. By purchasing the Ultimate Edition, all three of these pets will be included. Here is a list of all the current pets and the editions they are included in:

  • Alkor – Vessel of Hatred Standard Edition
  • Hratli – Vessel of Hatred Deluxe Edition
  • Natalya – Vessel of Hatred Ultimate Edition

How to Equip Pets in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Pet Wardrobe
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Players can visit any Wardrobe in any major city within Sanctuary to equip their pets. This is also where they can personalize their wardrobe, appearance, and effects.

Players can now view their pets in the Wardrobe under a separate tab. They can equip earned pets by selecting them, or choose the X option to unequip them. Currently, there is no ability to customize pets beyond their default appearance.

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