Belift Lab Files Civil Lawsuit Against CEO Min Hee-jin Over Lack of Apology or Reflection for ILLIT Scandal

On June 10th, Belift Lab released an official statement stating that after reviewing CEO Min Hee-jin’s second press conference on May 31st, they have come to the decision that they can no longer postpone stating their position. They will be sharing their stance through written and video formats.

“Belift Lab clarified that the ruling made by Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Division 50 on May 30th was solely regarding an injunction to prevent HYBE from exercising its voting rights at ADOR’s Extraordinary General Meeting. It should not be misconstrued as a ruling on the plagiarism issue, as CEO Min did not win a verdict on this matter.”

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Belift Lab stated that, in addition to the ongoing injunction, the criminal case against CEO Min for obstruction of business and defamation will continue. Despite achieving record-breaking debut results in the K-pop industry, the artists, members of Belift Lab, and participating creators have faced undue strain and restrictions. To seek justice for the damages caused, an additional civil lawsuit will be filed against CEO Min today.

“Belift Lab expressed deep regret, stating that during her second press conference, CEO Min appeared to make a conciliatory gesture. However, she neglected to apologize or acknowledge the severe and malicious comments that innocent victims had endured. Instead, she redirected the blame onto others, including the media.”

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