Belift Lab Releases Video Regarding Plagiarism Controversy: ‘Evidence Provided’

After facing accusations of plagiarism against their artists, BELIFT LAB has released a comprehensive video in response. The video strongly refutes the allegations, presenting significant evidence and reaffirming the company’s dedication to maintaining originality and artistic integrity.

During the video, BELIFT LAB presented behind-the-scenes footage and thorough documentation of their creative process in order to refute the allegations of plagiarism.

This action seeks to showcase the uniqueness and genuineness of their artists’ creations.

“We have always prioritized originality in our creations,”the company stated. “This video provides clear evidence of our commitment to artistic integrity.”

Despite the challenging period, BELIFT LAB also expressed their gratitude for the unwavering support from fans. They recognized the impact of the allegations on the artists’ mental well-being and acknowledged the stress and anxiety that such claims have caused.

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“The support from our fans has been invaluable,”the company noted. “Our artists have felt the weight of these accusations, and your support has been a beacon of hope for them.”

The video has generated considerable conversation among both fans and the wider music industry. BELIFT LAB has committed to fully cooperating with any official investigations in order to reach a fair and transparent resolution.

“We are committed to cooperating fully with any investigations,”BELIFT LAB assured. “Our primary goal is to clear our artists’ names and maintain the trust of our audience.”

In May 2023, BELIFT Lab faced criticism for utilizing the Romie font on ENHYPEN’s “Dark Blood”album without proper permission. The matter was brought to attention on the Korean online community forum, Instiz, where it was pointed out that Romie is a paid font that can only be used for non-commercial purposes when obtained for free.

Despite ENHYPEN’s album being sold worldwide, this usage was not considered eligible for free usage. The font’s designer, Margot Leveque, publicly criticized BELIFT Lab on Instagram, satirically applauding the usage while also requesting compensation.

The recent controversy surrounding HYBE, the parent company of BELIFT Lab, has brought renewed attention to the company’s history of facing plagiarism allegations and apparent disregard for copyright. The response from the public has been largely unfavorable, with many expressing disappointment and frustration towards the company’s ongoing issues with intellectual property.

View the complete video here.

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