Best Blair Build in The First Descendant: Skills, Weapons, Reactor & Modules

In The First Descendant, Blair is known for being able to bring the heat to his enemies. However, in order to prevent him from burning up too quickly, it is crucial to have the best build. That’s why we have compiled a list of the essential Skills, weapons, Reactors, and Modules that will assist you in achieving success.

As a former Chef now serving as a soldier, Blair is accustomed to handling high-pressure situations and knows when to intensify the intensity, which is probably why he excels in using fire as a weapon. However, in order to avoid being defeated by a faulty strategy, it is necessary to create the ultimate plan.

Therefore, based on our tier list where Blair is ranked at B, it is important to put in effort to fine-tune his weapons, Skills, Modules, Reactors, and other aspects. Here is a comprehensive list of everything you require to create the ideal Blair build in The First Descendant.

Best Blair Build in The First Descendant – Recommended

The First Descendant Blair lore
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Blair has some firey skills that are guaranteed to burn your opponents.

Best Active Skills for Blair

Similarly to other Descendants, Blair possesses five skills in The First Descendant. When utilized correctly, these skills can hold immense power. However, strategic use is necessary as there is a limitation on MP.

Therefore, these are the three abilities that we suggest you utilize:

  1. The Active Skill, Blaze Up, is highly recommended for Blair in The First Descendant. It provides a steady stream of damage through the Burn Zone, making it ideal for eliminating a cluster of enemies without putting yourself at risk.
  2. Blair would benefit greatly from choosing Deadly Cuisine, due to its excellent ranged damage and ability to target multiple enemies. This is made possible by the ability’s ability to split into smaller fireballs and create Burn Zones, allowing for the potential elimination of numerous enemies with minimal shots fired.
  3. In addition, having Burn Taste in Blair’s skill set is highly advantageous. While it may not be as commonly known as Deadly Cuisine or Blaze Up, its ability to inflict massive damage on a single enemy is extremely valuable for facing larger bosses or more challenging obstacles.

Explanation of all skills

The First Descendant offers five skills that are available for Blair to use:

  • Blazing Fury: Releases bursts of flame that inflict damage on nearby enemies and also creates a Stove, which continuously damages and applies a Burn effect to surrounding enemies.
  • Extinguish: This ability retrieves Stoves from the battlefield and restores Mana, providing a temporary increase in DEF.
  • Burn Effect: Causes flames to shoot forward, dealing continuous damage and inflicting the Burn status on enemies near the point of impact.
  • Deadly Cuisine: Releases a massive fireball that breaks into smaller fireballs upon impact, resulting in additional explosions and causing Burn. The impact also creates a Stove on the ground, which continuously damages nearby enemies and inflicts them with Burn.
  • Pitmaster (Passive): When attacking enemies in the Burn state, Critical Hit Damage increases. The number of Stoves present on the battlefield determines the increase in Critical Hit Chance.

Best Weapon to Use with Blair

Thunder Cage weapon in The First descendant

While it may not be easy to get, the Thunder Cage is a perfect weapon for Blair.

Blair’s optimal arsenal consists of the Thunder Cage Submachine Gun, the Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle, and Nazeistra’s Devotion Hand Cannon.

The Thunder Cage Submachine Gun is a potent and rapid-fire weapon that can be used to take down enemies with ease. With the added burn damage from Blair, it becomes even more effective at quickly dispatching smaller foes.

Blair excels with the use of a Sniper Rifle, and the Afterglow Sword is the ideal option for this type of weapon. Utilizing this weapon to target vulnerable spots of enemies will result in Death Propagation, making it especially effective against long-range Descendants such as Blair.

Additionally, Nazeistra’s Devotion is an excellent secondary weapon choice for using alongside Blair in The First Descendant. This Hand Cannon delivers a powerful blow and can decrease the enemy’s defense by 30% for a duration of three seconds. This greatly enhances your chances of scoring a critical hit, thanks to the Pitmaster passive, and enables you to effortlessly incinerate your foes.

Best Reactor

While Blair specializes in handling fire damage, it is recommended to prioritize Reactors with Burn elements. However, you may also want to consider Reactors with high Skill or Attack power to provide Blair with an additional advantage.

We suggest selecting the following Reactors:

  • Burning Phase: Boosts Fire and Dimension types
  • Burning Singularity: Boosts Fire and Singular types

Best Blair Module Setup

The First Descendant Blair skills
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Blair is best focusing on increasing is skills through Modules.

Slot Module Description Quality
1 Classic Chef Modifies the increase to Skill Critical Hit Rate to 5 based on the Flame Zone count. Using Deadly Cuisine increases the number of Flame Zones created to 4. Transcendent
2 Skill Range Mastery Increases the range of your skills. Rare
3 Increased Shield Increases your max Shield. Standard
4 Fire Specialist Increases the power of your Fire skills. Standard
5 Skill Expansion Increases the effect range of your skills. Standard
6 Focus on Fire Increases the skill power of your Fire skills and reduces cooldowns. Rare
7 Dual Claw Turns your Sub Attack into a Dual Claw attack and increases Max Module Capacity. Standard
8 Willpower Efflux Increases your DEF while also improving your HP Heal. Rare
9 Increased DEF Increases your DEF Standard
10 Increased HP Increases your HP Standard
11 Technique Manual Succeeding a skill deals a portion of your HP as damage to an enemy. Standard
12 Regeneration Boost Increases your HP Recovery Modifier. Standard

Since Blair has a strong affinity for Fire and his skills are essential, it is crucial to select Modules that will enhance his potency. Blair should consider using Modules such as Fire Specialists, Skill Range Master, and Classic Chef to maximize his potential. Additionally, incorporating the classic Technique Manual and Willpower Efflux will undoubtedly make Blair a formidable force.

Best External Components

Although External Components in The First Descendant are solely obtained through random drops, obtaining the necessary ones can be a tedious and frustrating process. These are the specific components that you should keep an eye out for when playing as Blair:

  • Max Shields
  • Max HP
  • HP Recovery
  • DEF

One of the most exasperating experiences is getting lost in a battle and suddenly realizing that your Shield has been depleted without your awareness. That’s why Blair always prioritizes upgrading their shield with Max Shields. When combined with increased DEF, this creates a strong and resilient Descendant.

As you focus on prioritizing your Shields and DEF, it’s important to also monitor your HP. We recommend increasing your HP Recovery and Max HP to prolong your and Blair’s presence in battle.

The most optimal build for Blair in The First Descendant is that one.

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