Players of Baldur’s Gate 3 petition for significant modification to Honour Mode

Baldur’s Gate 3’s Honor Mode provides players with various ways for enemies to brutally defeat them, but many are eager to experience these punishing tactics in their standard playthroughs.

Players seeking an authentic D&D experience in their Baldur’s Gate 3 runs can opt for Honour Mode, which functions as an Ironman playthrough where only one save is permitted. In the event of death, this save is erased.

In addition, Honour Mode also incorporates Legendary Actions from D&D for certain enemies. These actions, typically reserved for monsters, allow them to take a turn at the end of each of your character’s turns, greatly shifting the balance of the action economy.

Fans of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Reddit are advocating for the inclusion of the challenging Honour Mode in all game modes, rather than being limited to playing with only one save file.

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“I completely agree,”one user expressed. Another added, “I’m also in favor of this. I currently only play on honor mode, but the single save feature can be quite frustrating.”

“I appreciate the challenge, but I also enjoy save scumming to explore various dialogue choices and unique strategies,”one player expressed. “Now that I have my dice, I want to see what happens if I choose the Selunite options.”

One fan suggested, “The most significant change I hope to see in a future update is the addition of stricter rules and legendary actions to Tactician mode. However, the current system of single save files forces players to restart Honour mode if they want to replay the fantastic battles it offers.”

Despite being a fundamental aspect of D&D rules, Legendary Actions for bosses are only available in Honour Mode, which is quite surprising. It is unfortunate that in Baldur’s Gate 3, these actions can only be utilized in a single save file run, as they greatly enhance the challenge in boss battles and allow players to strategically limit their opponent’s actions through status effects.

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