Best Python Instinct Build in The First Descendant: Best Modules, Descendants & Weapon Stats

The First Descendant boasts a wide array of guns to cater to various playstyles. Currently, the Python Instinct SMG reigns supreme as the top choice within its category and one of the most powerful weapons in the game overall.

The gun has earned a highly sought-after spot in the S-Tier of our guide to the Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant, and it is more than worthy of that placement. Its Unique Ability effectively increases its damage output by inflicting the Prey debuff on enemies, which reduces their Toxic resistance by 10% for each stack.

Finding ammo is a simple task and you should have no difficulty making Python Instict a staple in your loadout.

How to Unlock Python Instinct Ultimate Weapon

To gain access to Python Instinct, it is necessary to first unlock a considerable amount of Research Materials. The following is a list of all the items required for unlocking:

  • 1x Python Polymer Syncytium
    • 97x Hardener
    • 91x Nanopolymers
    • 11x Crystal Biogel
    • Python Polymer Synctium Blueprint
    • 50,000 Gold
  • 1x Python Synthetic Fiber
    • 108x Silicon
    • 73x Flectorite
    • 10x Positive Ion Particle
    • Python Synthetic Fiber Blueprint
  • 1x Python Nano Tube
    • 62x Monad Shard
    • 102x Ceramic Composite
    • 8x Conductive Metallic Foil
    • Python Nano Tube Blueprint
  • 1x Python Blueprint
  • 100,000 Gold

In order to create the gun, all of its main components must be carefully crafted using the materials located below. These materials can be obtained by either unlocking specific regions or completing tasks such as Void Intercept.

Once you have gathered all necessary items, make your way to Albion to speak with Anais. Hand over 100,000 Gold to initiate the Python Instinct research quest, and expect to wait four hours for it to become available.

Unfortunately, you will only have access to the research once you reach Mastery Rank 10. This means that you may need to work on increasing your rank before approaching Anais.

Python Instinct stats

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 21
    • Fire Rate: 923
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Python Instinct: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, it inflicts the unique ability Prey on the target enemy.

It should be noted that the stated stats for this weapon are the base values. In The First Descendant, players have the ability to level up and enhance their weapons, as well as modify their stats through modules and skills. These numbers should serve as a benchmark for comparing this weapon to others in the game at Level 1.

Best Descendant for Python Instinct

Freyna in The First Descendant

In terms of the Python Instinct, Freyna remains the most powerful Descendant option. This is primarily attributed to her emphasis on inflicting Toxic damage. As previously stated, targeting an opponent’s Weak Spot with her gun triggers the Prey effect, resulting in a reduction of 10% in resistance to Toxic damage for every stack.

Furthermore, Python Instinct is not only a great damage dealer on its own, but it also complements Freyna’s damage-over-time strategy by filling in any gaps. However, this powerful gun can be utilized by any Descendant to great effect, making it a top choice for players looking to use an SMG.

Top Modules

The top-rated modules for Python Instinct are as follows:

Module Socket Description Rarity
Sweeping Squad Malachite When defeating an enemy, Firearm ATK +X% for 5s at a 33% chance (up to 3 Stacks) Ultimate
Sharpshooter Malachite Firearm ATK +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X% Rare
Insight Focus Almandine Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X% Rare
Weak Point Insight Malachite Weak Point Damage +X%, Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X% Rare
Weak Point Sight Malachite Weak Point Damage +X% Normal
Rifling Reinforcement Malachite Firearm ATK +X% Normal
Better Concentration Almandine Firearm Critical Hit Damage +X% Normal
Better Insight Almandine Firearm Critical Hit Rate +X% Normal
Action and Reaction Malachite Firearm ATK +X%, Recoil +X% Rare
Bullet Rain Xantic Fire Rate +X%, Firearm ATK +X% Rare
Toxic Enhancement Rutile Adds Toxic ATK equal to X% of Firearm ATK Normal

This is our comprehensive guide to the weapon. If you are interested in building your gameplay around this gun, our Freyna guide will be helpful.

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