Boruto Fans Accuse Bleach TYBW of Copying Karma Mode But It’s Pointless

It appears that fans of Boruto and Bleach TYBW have once again found themselves in a heated debate. A new trailer for the upcoming installment of Tite Kubo’s series has been released, causing a great deal of anticipation and enthusiasm among fans.

Despite this, the Boruto fanbase still took shots at the Bleach TYBW series, a common occurrence on platforms like X where petty squabbles between fanbases happen daily.

Some netizens believed that the trailer provided evidence that Masashi Kishimoto’s sequel series had an influence on the Bleach series. Specifically, they noted that the Karma Mark in Kishimoto’s series resembled the marks seen on Ichigo in Kubo’s anime series, leading half of the netizens to believe in this connection.

Why Fans of Boruto and Bleach TYBW are at Odds Over the New Trailer

The two groups of fans engaged in a minor dispute regarding the most recent Bleach trailer, which featured the anime’s main character, Ichigo Kurosaki, showcasing his abilities. Viewers could clearly see the striking blue markings on his face, which also extended to his arm. Fans who are familiar with both the manga and the show will recognize this as a manifestation of his Quincy powers.

It is a commonly observed trend in animanga series. Some fans of Bleach have claimed that the Karma Marks in Masashi Kishimoto’s sequel series, Boruto, were inspired by the marks seen on Ichigo and this has sparked a debate among fans.

It is understandable that netizens were displeased with this statement, as Tite Kubo had already created and finished the manga long before Kishimoto and Ikemoto’s series even existed. Therefore, it is impossible for the Karma Mark to have influenced Tite Kubo’s work.

After a fan posted on social media, members from both fanbases engaged in a heated debate. This is how the fanbases responded to the statement made by a fan of the Naruto sequel series.

How Fans Reacted to Claims Put Forth by the Boruto Fan

“Boruto influencing Bleach. No one doing it like boruto”, said one fan

“Are you f***ing kidding me”, said another

“I vomit a bit in mouth reading this”, said one netizen

It is evident that Bleach TYBW fans are upset about the assertions made by Boruto fans. The manga had already featured Ichigo Kurosaki’s activation of his Quincy powers long before the publication of the Naruto sequel series. It is possible that some fans may be intentionally trying to provoke the other fanbase for amusement. This behavior is not uncommon on X, as fans’ enthusiasm for their respective series can sometimes lead to trivial arguments on the internet.

“People falling for this bait”, said one fan

“its funny tbh”, said another

“I can’t lie it had me for a second I had to hold back”, said one netizen

It was observed by some netizens that the post was shared with the intention of provoking the Bleach fanbase. Others found it amusing as the person responsible for the post successfully achieved the desired response. In any case, it is evident that the Karma Mark had no impact on the design of the marks on Ichigo.

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