Best Squads in Squad Busters

Although the characters you receive in a game of Squad Busters are chosen randomly, you can still strategically assemble a strong squad from this randomness. However, having the strongest squad in a match does not guarantee a victory. Playing strategically is key. Here is a list of the top squad compositions to aim for in Squad Busters.

Barbarian King and His Melee Army

The Squad Busters’ Barbarian King holds the title of combat king. Having one on your team grants your melee units an attack speed boost, which becomes even more powerful when combined with 4+ fused melee units against an enemy squad. With this advantage, your melee units will easily defeat any opposing unit, particularly those with ranged capabilities.

Your objective with this team composition is to have at least one Barbarian King in order to benefit from the melee buff. However, having multiple Barbarian Kings would be even more advantageous. As for the other units, any melee unit will suffice, but Barbarians are preferred due to their strong physique and high DPS. The Hog Rider is the key unit that will elevate this composition to the top, as it allows you to outpace your opponents and strategically position your squad near the enemy’s ranged units.

With Heal or Rage spells at your disposal, nothing can stand in your way. Although facing Shellys with an active ability may be frustrating, you will still dominate any type of composition once you have built up your squad.

Archer Queen and Ranged Units

Similar to how the Barbarian King boosts all melee units, the Archer Queen enhances the attack speed of all ranged units. Nevertheless, if your squad consists entirely of ranged units, it becomes vulnerable and can easily be wiped out within a matter of seconds.

If you find yourself in this situation, it would be beneficial to include some melee units in your squad. However, instead of versatile units that can deal damage, you should focus on tough melee units. Your ranged units will handle the damage, so you can even designate Greg as your tank. With Greg’s ability to gather all nearby Trees, he will greatly aid in strengthening your squad.

In addition, it would be beneficial to include Shelly in order to push back enemies while her ability is in effect. Consider selecting a Bomb as your special skill to provide a protective barrier in case another team approaches you.

Your strategy should focus on evading confrontations, but in case of close encounters, you can fire a shot from each ranged unit before retreating. Your goal is to target weaker squads or take advantage of two other squads engaging in battle.

Bo and Some Farmers

It is relatively simple to unlock and enhance Bo as it is a common character. Bo’s primary advantage is its ability to inflict greater damage on monsters, allowing for faster farming of gems and gold. With this strategy, the aim is to avoid confrontations with other teams and instead focus on obtaining gems through other means.

Your goal is for Greg, Mavis, Penny, and Tank to take full advantage of everything the stage has to offer. You aim to cut down all the trees, gather all the crops, find all the maps, and utilize some tanks. Since these units may not always be available, you can also consider using Goblins and Traders to speed up your progress.

Upgrading to a Hog Rider will greatly enhance your quality of life as it allows for faster movement. While chickens are an alternative option, they are quite delicate and if they are targeted and lose the gems they collect, you could end up losing valuable resources while trying to navigate around the game.

In general, this team or squad composition is primarily geared towards PvE gameplay, with the main goal being to collect as many gems as possible. Bo stands out as the key member of the team, as he serves as the primary damage dealer when facing bosses and other monsters on the stage, resulting in the highest gem yield.

Goblin Frenzy

A team consisting of Goblins offers a balance of PvE and PvP. The objective is to obtain a maximum number of Goblins and continually replenish your gold in order to create the strongest team possible. Goblins are known for their speed and ability to inflict significant damage on monsters and objects. However, due to their vulnerability, it is advised to refrain from engaging in PvP battles for a period of time.

In order to have the upper hand in the match, it would be beneficial to have a larger squad than your opponents if you keep receiving Goblins. It is advisable to merge as many units as you can to reduce the cost of each chest in the game. Prioritize collecting as much gold as possible and aim to create a PvP composition, particularly the Barbarian King composition mentioned earlier.

Despite having a mix of Goblins, your squad may struggle against stronger opponents. However, your strategy is to outnumber the enemy by accumulating as much gold as possible. While you may not have as many gems as your opponents, your plan is to wait until the end and fight with a well-prepared squad.

One effective strategy in game modes such as Doppelganger is repeatedly switching between Goblins. By doing so, you can collect the gold rewards from each unit transforming back into a Goblin. In essence, every time you swap a Goblin team, you earn over 20 gold.

Upon examining the top players on Squad Busters’ leaderboards, it is evident that their most frequently utilized epic units are Barbarian Kings and Archer Queens. The rare unit, Hog Rider, is ranked first due to its powerful movement bonus. Common units consist of a combination of Shellys, Colts, and Barbarians. While the meta may remain consistent, the characters you have unlocked are constantly evolving. It is crucial to wisely invest your gold in the strongest units in order to quickly upgrade them to Super or Ultra quality.

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