My Hero Academia Chapter 425: Shinso replaces Aoyama as a New Character is Introduced

The rumored My Hero Academia chapter 425 spoilers were expected to disclose the outcomes of the U.A. students’ fight against Shigaraki and All For One. As expected, the alleged spoilers lived up to expectations, with the manga showcasing the graduation of the third-year students and the promotion of Class 1A to Class 2A.

The previous chapter showcased the aftermath of the war and the ongoing reconstruction, with foreign heroes lending their aid. Both Deku and Bakugo suffered losses, with Deku facing the possibility of losing OFA completely and Bakugo still struggling to recover from his arm injuries. Despite this, the manga continued as the students returned to U.A. High School.

Please note: This article contains spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

My Hero Academia Chapter 425 Spoilers: Class 1A Students Get Promoted

Nejire and Tamaki as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
Nejire and Tamaki as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

Based on the purported leaks for My Hero Academia chapter 425, the upcoming chapter is rumored to be titled “Out-of-season.”

The chapter opens with the graduation ceremony for the third-year students, where Tamaki and Nejire receive their diplomas. Many of the male students were emotional about Nejire’s departure from the school. To add some energy to the ceremony, Present Mic stepped in as the DJ, determined to make it lively despite the absence of cherry blossoms. This detail is significant, as the events of My Hero Academia chapter 425 take place in June.

Immediately following, the presumed leakers witnessed Tamaki inquiring about Nejire’s injuries. In reply, Nejire discloses that it was Mirio Togata who tended to them while they were in the air at U.A. High School.

Mirio Togata as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
Mirio Togata as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

The spoilers for chapter 425 of My Hero Academia also reveal that Nezu played a crucial role in the reconstruction project. As he was well-known internationally, he took on the responsibility of negotiating with other countries to address the consequences of the war.

After expressing his gratitude to Mawata Fuwa for the students’ speech, Present Mic then introduced Mirio Togata as the representative for the graduates. The audience was anticipating a humorous opening from Mirio, but instead, to everyone’s surprise, he delivered a very formal introduction.

Mirio’s address highlighted the current state of the heroes in the aftermath of the war. Despite their losses, they were determined to turn their “negatives”into “zeroes.”However, they soon realized that simply reaching “zero”was not enough. Instead, their ultimate goal should be to build a world of “positives”where everyone could find happiness together. As he spoke, Mirio thought of Sir Nighteye and ended his speech on a lighthearted note with a joke.

Yuga Aoyama as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)
Yuga Aoyama as seen in My Hero Academia (Image via BONES)

The spoilers for chapter 425 of My Hero Academia then shifted to the temporary Class 2A, as Class 1A had been promoted and Shoto Aizawa remained their homeroom teacher. Despite Sero’s worries about Katsuki Bakugo’s condition, Bakugo reassured him by disclosing that the doctor had given him clearance to attend classes as long as he stayed quiet.

Following this, in chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, Aizawa is seen requesting Yuga Aoyama to enter the classroom as he reveals his decision to leave U.A. High School. Despite being given permission to attend U.A. by Tsukauchi, Aizawa feels conflicted about staying at the school or participating in the third-year graduation ceremony due to his initial recruitment by All For One.

As a way to repent for his wrongdoings, he made the decision to start his journey as a hero and vowed to one day fight alongside his friends as a hero. He even shed tears of joy as he handed Deku a piece of cheese. The students were touched by his determination, but Aoyama surprised them by shooting lasers, revealing that Hitoshi Shinso would be joining Class 2A instead of him. Despite feeling left out, Aoyama couldn’t help but feel happy for his friends who were excited about Shinso’s arrival, prompting him to fire the lasers once more.

Hitoshi Shinso as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)
Hitoshi Shinso as seen in the My Hero Academia anime (Image via BONES)

Aoyama’s lasers revealed Hagakure’s presence, marking the first time Mineta had laid eyes on her. He addressed her as a divine being among their classmates. However, before he could say anything inappropriate, Aizawa silenced him with his weapon. Shortly after, Mawata Fuwa, a new third-year student, entered the classroom and informed them that they would be joining the third-year students on a tour around the country to aid in the reconstruction efforts, with her as their leader.

As Fuwa left the classroom, she couldn’t help but feel envious of Class 2A for not having to experience Aizawa’s expulsion prank. Although it was a frightening experience, it also solidified her determination to become a hero.

After the school day ended, the students eagerly anticipated the arrival of the new first-year students the following day. In the midst of their excitement, Deku approached Uraraka to talk, but she interrupted him to comment on his hair, which had been partially shaved due to his recent surgery. She expressed hope that it would grow back soon.

Despite his unintentional frizzy hair, Tokoyami was pleased with his new hairstyle. In chapter 425 of My Hero Academia, the spoilers then transitioned to a panel of Uraraka smiling and Deku looking downtrodden. The next scene showed a mysterious man walking through a ruined street, gasping for breath. However, little information has been revealed about this enigmatic character.

Deku inquired with Shoto Todoroki about his attendance at Aoyama’s farewell party. Shoto confirmed that he would be able to attend, as long as it was not on the same day. Seeing Deku’s concern, Shoto reassured him that everything would be fine. As Shoto began to walk away, the My Hero Academia chapter 425 spoilers shifted to reveal Endeavor in a wheelchair, facing a massive device.

Finally, as revealed by the spoilers for My Hero Academia chapter 425, the manga series will be taking a two-week hiatus after the official release of the chapter.

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