New Trend: Cat Owners Serenade Pets with Sounds of Ancient Egypt on TikTok

TikTokers have started playing Ancient Egyptian music for their cats, causing this new trend to dominate the social media app.

TikTok, a popular social media platform, is well-known for its abundance of animal videos. Users frequently post clips of their furry friends, showcasing their humorous antics or human-like behavior. This includes dogs, cats, and a variety of other animal companions.

Despite the absence of any of these elements, the current viral animal fad centers around cat owners serenading their pets with sounds inspired by Ancient Egypt.

Why do you ask? To see if the sound triggers any memories of the animals that were considered to be magical creatures during Ancient Egyptian times, bringing good luck to their owners.

Additionally, in Ancient Egypt, cats were adorned with gold and jewels and were even permitted to dine from the same plates as humans.


i was not expecting that reaction 💀 #catsoftiktok #funny #calicocat #fyp #callie #kittensoftiktok

♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

Consequently, TikTok users have been sharing videos of their cat’s responses to playing Ancient Egyptian music, which have been quite intriguing to watch.

The caption, “This is meant to serve as a reminder to cats of their ancient Egyptian worship,”appears on every video in the trend.

Many videos that were part of this trend, such as those featuring ancient Egypt cats, have gained huge traction and several have even reached over 10 million views.


Ponyo just unlocked a core memory #fyp #ancientegyptcat #cat

♬ original sound – AanaBolkvadze

Some people noted that their cats appeared to be having “flashbacks”while listening to the sounds, while others playfully suggested that the cats were “unlocking core memories”upon hearing the eerie melodies of Ancient Egypt.

Although it cannot be confirmed whether the music is truly eliciting a response from these cats, their reaction to the audio certainly provides entertaining content for cat enthusiasts to appreciate.

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