Bhad Bhabie shares footage of alleged domestic abuse by estranged boyfriend

Bhad Bhabie has released a video revealing the alleged domestic violence she experienced at the hands of her child’s father, which includes graphic images of her injuries.

Following her rise to viral fame after appearing on Dr. Phil, Bhad Bhabie, a social media personality turned rapper, announced on December 1, 2023, that she was pregnant with her first child. The father of the child was her then-boyfriend, Le Vaughn.

The couple had been in a relationship since 2020 and in March 2024, Bhad Bhabie took to Instagram stories to announce the birth of their daughter, Kali Love.

Despite previously stating that they had broken up in May, the rapper and internet personality has now come forward with footage on her Instagram stories showcasing alleged domestic abuse from Le Vaughn.

A 20-second security footage captured outside a residence at 4:30 AM on June 30 showed Bhad Bhabie being repeatedly thrown to the ground by a man she identified as Le Vaughn.

“The influencer expressed her worry that this man was trying to take her daughter away from her. Despite any accusations thrown her way, she firmly believed that any attempt to take her child was absurd.”

Additional Instagram stories surfaced, displaying two graphic images of Bhad Bhabie’s injuries, which consisted of a severely swollen and bruised eye and deep scratches that had broken the skin.

Despite Bhad Bhabie deleting the stories, numerous individuals have reposted the footage of the alleged abuse and its aftermath on social media, prompting calls for an investigation into Le Vaughn.

After reading about Le Vaughn’s alleged actions, many individuals expressed their hope for him to be held accountable. One person even wrote on Twitter that they hope he faces consequences, while several others described his actions as “vile”and “disgusting”.

On X, users also advised the internet celebrity to obtain a restraining order against Le Vaughn in order to protect her and Kali’s well-being.

Despite not directly addressing the domestic abuse allegations since her initial claims, Bhad Bhabie recently shared a quote on her Instagram story ( that hinted at her feelings on the matter. The quote stated, “I used to put up with a lot because I feared losing people, but now I understand that those individuals are not meant to be in my life.”

Bhad Bhabie has once again utilized her online platform to speak out against alleged abusers, having previously spoken about how she lived in constant fear of her mother and exposing the supposed abuse she faced at Turn-About Ranch, where she was sent by Dr. Phil.

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