Elden Ring Players Laughing at Easy Malenia Fight After Beating DLC

Elden Ring’s most difficult boss is being dismissed following the release of the DLC, which has sharpened players’ skills with its own set of challenges.

Similar to all FromSoftware games, Elden Ring is characterized by the difficulty it presents to its players. Within the base game, this challenge was embodied by Malenia, Blade of Miquella, whose Waterfowl Dance and extreme health-on-hit mechanics were notorious among players.

Despite the release of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC for Elden Ring, the game has faced a new set of challenges with the addition of new bosses. This increase in difficulty caused the DLC’s Steam rating to drop to ‘mixed’, as players expressed their frustration through feedback.

Despite enduring the challenges of Shadow of the Erdtree, those who persevered have emerged stronger and more resilient. This is evident in players like Reddit user Oath_Br3aker, who now find bosses like Malenia to be a walk in the park after struggling through the DLC.

Just fought this master swordswoman again. Its hilarious how easy she is after the DLC. She is so passive during the first phase and has lots of openings in the second. byu/Oath_Br3aker inEldenring

The bosses of the Erdtree’s Shadow exhibit a heightened level of aggression compared to their original game versions. DLC obstacles such as Golden Hippopotamus, Messmer the Impaler, and Divine Beast Dancing Lion all start their battles by swiftly closing in and unleashing devastating combinations.

In contrast, Malenia is much less aggressive, as she slowly approaches the player, giving ample time to apply buffs, summon allies, or charge spells. This is a refreshing difference from bosses such as Commander Gaius and Promised Consort Radahn, who possess much greater poise.

After facing the bosses of Shadow of the Erdtree, players have become more confident and are now openly criticizing Malenia. One player claimed that Malenia’s slow movements make her an easy target, while another agreed that she would not be a difficult boss without the help of Waterfowl.

In our own experience, Malenia remains an incredibly challenging boss to defeat, but it’s possible that after playing through Shadow of the Erdtree, we may find her easier.

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